I haven’t been blogging for the past few days due to the fact that I was celebrating my 20th Birthday. 2 decades later and I guess I’m an adult now.  In complete honesty I wanted to stay 19, for at least one more year. 19 was the year everything happened. I lived my dreams, moved to London, met amazing people, ticked multiple things off my life’s Bucket List, came home and fell in love with my best friend (been nearly 6 months with him now!), started studying at the Fashion Institute, started interning and now I am committing time to the things I love, my Boyfriend and blogging. But I have to accept that this has to happen, and it’s going to keep happening every year. And I hope that every year I look back wishing I could stay the previous age one year longer, not for vanity or that I don’t want to age. But for the fact that I want every year to be better then the last and this starts now.

20 is the year things are going to start happening. And 20 is the year I am going to make a lot of money so I can spend my 21 year travelling (cough Coachella).

Here’s to the start of a new decade in my life. And here are some photos of how I celebrated this new decade on the weekend.

On Friday I went to a Fashion Week After Party with Nicole but I will make a separate post for that amazing night.

Saturday Day Luke took me to Bondi Beach where we spent majority of the day trying to find parking. I found out on Saturday that the best parking you would find anywhere near Bondi Beach is 2hr. How ridiculous is that! I was so shocked because I was so used to the excessive amount of parking around Cronulla at all times. By the time we found a nice café and finished eating we had to leave. How is that enough time to enjoy the Beach? Never again will we drive to Bondi. We spent the other half of the day stuck in traffic because of the races we were supposed to have gone to but couldn’t because Black Caviar was racing and tickets sold out online was on.

Although our day was a bit of a mess I still had so much fun with Luke and we have definetly learnt to never EVER drive to Bondi Beach again.

Saturday night I went out with YES to Zanzibar in Newtown for some dranks. 

Yol and Saya

We ended up retiring pretty early Saturday due to the excessive craziness that happened the night before with Nicole at the Cross. But I had a great night and saw a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a long time.

Top / BOY London
Skirt / Random boutique in Wagga
Shoes / Payless
Bag / Vintage
Necklace / Cotton On & Topshop
Socks /  Topshop

The next morning I was treated to this stunning breakfast made by Luke. Maple Bacon Birthday Pancakes, lets just take a minute to process how great that is.

Sunday was my actual Birthday and I spent the day in bed finishing season 3 of the Walking Dead with Luke, so it was a pretty fantastic Birthday. That night we went to Oatley pub for dinner. They make a mean pizza.

7 is my favourite number. 

Looking a bit worse for wear after the crazy weekend catching the train to Cronulla. 

Dress / Topshop
Shirt / General Pants
Necklace / Made from a dreamcatcher my pen pal Bambi sent me
Shoes / Payless
Socks / Topshop

At Cronulla we met up with my other 2 best friends Nicole and Lani and went to Sting Bar for some free birthday drinks. Somehow we ended up at Fusions which was pretty fun despite the seedy and annoying guys. 

I would just like to take a moment to thank all the lovely people who came and saw me this weekend. You really made this Birthday weekend one of the best. <3


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