With Love from Canberra .1

A few weeks ago my Boyfriend Luke and I decided to go on a semi spontaneous roadtrip to Canberra to see the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia. It was an early present for my birthday which is next week. We decided to go on Tuesday and by Saturday morning we were on the road.

I brought my new fish-eye lens to play with.

I fell in love with Toulouse when I saw his work in Paris in the Musee D' Orsay.

His work is like a time capsule of his era.

I love impressionism it is as if the artist is taking you inside their dreams. Everything is glowing and colourful and warm. 

A part of the exhibition was the family room which at first Luke and I just went in to check it out but ended up getting involved with the activities on offer.

My drawing on the left and Luke's on the right.

Foolin around with dressups.

One of the specials on the menu was Croque Monsier. Sadly not as amazing as the one I had in Paris, but then again is anything ever as good as it is in Paris?

We walked around the sculpture garden for a while enjoying the mid day sun.

Kind of want to move to Canberra and become a Police Officer now.

Tiny escalators

There was a wedding reception being held in the function room at the Museum, the room smelt so beautiful. So many roses.

The best wedding cars I have seen for a while.

It is Canberra's 100th Birthday this year and that weekend they were having some celebrations by the water. The red thing in my hand is a McDonald's poncho.

After checking into the hotel we went to the local shops near us to find somewhere nice for dinner. I ended up wandering into this Japanese store which was pretty great.

It was pretty much Hello Kitty everything you could possibly imagine. 

Had dinner at a really nice Italian Restaurant. 

So great not having a designated driver.

After dinner we went for a few drinks at an Irish pub then bought some supplies and headed back to our room to get ready to go out. 

We caught a taxi to the city centre which is about the size of Central Station and began our hunt for somewhere good to go. We started in some up itself bar where we had 1 drink and the bouncer came over to us whilst we were sitting down and told us that Luke either had to roll his Nudie jeans down or get out. We asked if we could at least finish our drinks first but this guy was having none of it. Safe to say we left that place pretty quickly. 

We ended up walking into the loudest sounding club we could find. It was called Monkey Bar I think. It was rnb/ hip-hop, we didn't exactly fit in but it was fun and we had a good night. 


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