Central Coast Roadtrip

One thing I tried to do more of last year were roadtrips with my dog. She is getting old and I want to give her the best life she could possibly have. I planned to go all the way to Newcastle, stopping off at the Central Coast on the way. The main reason for stopping here was to go to a cafe I went to a long time ago called the Glass Onion Society. Annoyingly by the time I got there I wasn't that hungry so I just got a coffee to go and some advice on which beaches in the area to visit. 

We stopped into two cute little stores, Dapper Darlings and Webster's Vintage. I also bought a few pairs of sunglasses from a place called Beautiful Garbage. 

We went to Toowoon Bay for a bit of a wander. Sadly it wasn't dog friendly so I had to carry my fur child. Afterwards I was sitting down just relaxing and I got bitten by a really angry ant. I won't lie, I was pretty scared it was a poisonous spider so I did go to the surf lifesaving medical tent. They helped calm me down a bit. 

Turns out, a little bit before Toowoon Bay is a dog friendly 'beach' called Little Bay. It's not exactly a beach but it was fun to see all the puppers.

Treating myself to a soft serve with Sherbet YUM!

All about a shameless selfie in good lighting. This is one of the pairs of shades I bought from Beautiful Garbage. I love them so much.

What was meant to be a weekend up in Newcastle ended up being a day trip to the Central Coast. I had to come back home that afternoon due to some personal things at home. That's ok, still had a fun day with my favourite girl. Until next roadtrip..


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