September Recap; My Favorite Employment

I will eventually get my blog up to date, I promise. Just to let you know, I am writing this in March 2018, but as I have said before numerous times, this blog is more for my memory than anything else. I like to have a place where photos I have taken during a certain month can be put so that I can remember that this particular event happened during this month. So without further ado, lets figure out what went down in September 2017.

Sunday brunch at the most photogenic spot in Cronulla, Blackwood Pantry, with the most photogenic girl in Cronulla, Rochelle Mace. Newly rebranded at Rochellemace.com  and on Youtube.

Avocado, Tomato, Goats cheese 
Toasted sourdough, balsamic, dukkha spice, basil oil
Add a poached egg 
Quinoa Falafel Bowl GF *veg 
Quinoa Falafel, roasted cauliflower, avocado, labneh, rocket, tomato chutney, poached egg

So grateful to have amazing women in my life to help and support me. Even just to have someone able to understand what you are going through when words just don't work anymore. The only thing more powerful than a women is two women. 

My children are getting old. They are both 13 years old! Does anyone know anything about getting cataract surgery for dogs? I don't think it bothers them too much.

Forever taking my dog with me wherever I go. Except for work, I'm not allowed to take my dog to work here. 

Obsessed with my silver hair, so lush.

Nicole was a brand ambassador for Bonds! She performed in the city store during Vogue Fashion Night Out. During her performance they were handing out these alcoholic popsicles which are incredible and PR companies should have them at every events. Also, I totally took that poster hanging in the window home. Now I have a giant Nicole in my room.

Out at our local, the Prince Kirrawee. 

Sunsets and rose before seeing my favourite podcast 'My Favorite Murder' live at the Opera House! Looking like a sweaty little minx post work.  

Reading the Snowman by Jo Nesbo. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Read the book, the movie is awful. The book had so many amazing twists and turns that the movie just brushed over like they were no big deal. Butchered the whole storyline and it was honestly barely watchable. I got to see it for free with Pedestrian TV because I entered one of their competitions. Its hard to complain about a free movie, but it was just so terrible. 

The best thing about My Favourite Murder is that every show is different so its not even weird that I went to two shows. Both were equally amazing and if the girls come back to Sydney I will go again. If you haven't listened to them yet and you like true crime, give it a go. Trust me, you won't be sorry. There is a reason they are so high in the charts. They are well loved and for all the right reasons. 


Passed my STA Travel training with flying colours. These are the people I did my 2 week training with. Please excuse my sickeningly white legs. This photo is too cute to not post. 

These beatiful babies always come to my backyard and I love them so much.This one is a cheeky, super friendly boy. The girls are green and a lot more shy.

Did a video with Rochelle where she helped me with my food prep and taught me a lot about what foods to include in my day to day meals and how to eat healthy at work. She isn't a nutritionist but she is an experienced food prepper. Above we made two main meals that we alternated between. Paprika roasted chicken with sweet potato and greens (not in picture) and a lean mince chilli con carne with zucchini noodles and the other boxes are just spinach, egg and avocado (not pictured) for breakfast.

My first product launch night with MY preferred supplier, Contiki! This was to launch their new range of Independant Insider tours.

Note to all nose piercing owners out there, ALWAYS HAVE A SPARE IN YOUR SIZE. I learnt the hard way that I didn't in fact have any spares my size. My nose got heaps swollen and yuck. Luckily there is a piercing specialist shop just down the road so I was able to sort it out relatively quickly. It took a heck long time to heal though as you probably already know with any nose related hole. 

Started teaching myself how to use final cut pro!

Shameless selfies to celebrate employment.

Nipples are Nipples!

Here's to the month I gained employment, saw my favourite podcast live and did a bunch of random stuff in between.


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