October Recap; Huffer & Halloween

I didn’t want to do this because it genuinely makes me really upset to think about. I still feel guilty and ashamed even if I know it wasn’t my fault. That’s not to say this stuff hasn’t happened to me more than once, but there is a time that haunts me still and had a lasting effect on how I perceive men. I wrote this in the morning and in the space of a day I had a customer in store being completely inappropriate with me, but you have to be nice because it’s a customer right? To make it worse, I was told afterwards by my manager that he was looking up my skirt and taking photos AWESOME. 
I have GRL PWR tattooed on me because I truly believe that girls need to stand together and support each other rather than pulling each other down. This isn’t jumping on a social media trend. This is a way to let girls out there know they are not alone. I have had so many brave friends share their stories and it has been heartbreaking to see how many of you have been affected. Thank you for giving me the courage to do this. You are not alone. 

On a more positive note, lets catch up about October. Went to the Huffer Store 1st Birthday with Sass and got some new wardrobe staples. Afterwards we went to the People vs. and made friends with the girl who works there, Chloe. Turns out she is from the Shire and is actually really good friends with Kelly! What a small world.

Rochelle made me this incredible healthy bowl. But I still got sick.

When Boost takes a little too long so they give you TWO free boosts!!!

The next week Huffer had a little party in Newtown. Took bbgirl Jade Le Flay, ate mini burgers and had a lil boogie.

Had a few too many ciders. All in all it was an awesome night. Wearing Huffer if that wasn't obvious hehe. How cute is that dress though! Such cute tennis vibes I love it!

After this I trekked it to Oxford Art Factory to see my favourite hardcore boiz Polaris absolutely tear the roof off. My god you're greasy Rick.

The majority of my month was doing the above. Full time work, teaching myself how to use final cute pro as well as studying full time as well. I also got a pretty ridiculous bruise. Didn't even realise I had it til someone pointed it out to me.

My Halloween costume arrived on time. Sadly my friend bailed on going with me to the party. But that's not a reason to give up a good night. I chose to go alone and ended up having a pretty awesome night. Helps that I took a flask of Tequila with me, 15 year old Erica style. I made the headpiece myself. Pretty happy with my efforts. I was trying to do more old school nurse but the wig I bought looked like a plastic dead animal so I didn't wear it.

This was the Life Without Andy X Budweiser Halloween Party at the Lansdowne Hotel. I spent most of the night with these legends, Tegan and her Boyfriend Ned, dressed as Gwen Stefani and Eminem.

Poles were danced on, friends were made, tequila was drunk, ankles were rolled and McDonald's was eaten. All in all, a pretty good night if you ask me. Check out my new videos on my youtube channel, don't forget to like and subscribe.


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