Sunday Funday, Markets & Chin Chin III

On Sunday morning after dislocating her knee the previous night, Anja was flying home. Obviously this was devastating and it really did suck that she didn't get to enjoy the rest of her weekend. She doesn't know it but I am currently trying to figure out how I can make up for this weekend sometime later this year when her knee is healed. Girl is going to get pampered like crazy!

When inside you are actually crying your eyes out.

We went to the Airport and dropped off Anja. While waiting for Ray to come back Paige and I got a few photos in because we honestly always forget and I come home with like two photos of the two of us. Two photos really aren't enough to get you through the lonely nights when you miss your best friend. Also the lighting at the airport just happened to be on point.


On the way back Ray dropped Paige and I off at the Queen Victoria markets. They were closing but we still got in a couple of hours of Sunday Funday.

Sometimes decorative soaps go too far. Only sometimes.

Right after I took this I was told 'no photos' to which my reaction to every time is "WHAT ARE YOU HIDING". 

Why is dead cow skin so damn aesthetic?

I highly endorse this statement.

Regret is not buying one of these pretty shark tooth pendants.

By this point every worker in this flower shop was watching me. All I could do was repeat in my head my current motivational mantra, "Do it for the gram".

On our way to buy some candy, because we are adults and are very good at adulting.

This did not taste like my childhood as much as I hoped it would.


I know I am meant to go to different places and what not, but you know what? Chin Chin still has hands down the best tasting food/ meal I have ever eaten in this country. I am not going to talk about the food too much because you really need to go and try it for yourself. Word to the wise, I think they know their food is the shit. You can't make bookings, because that's a thing these days. If you want to eat dinner here, make sure you get in early to put your name down. They will then send you a text when your table is ready. 

we were actually meant to eat here on my birthday, but we made the mistake of not putting our names down early enough. Plus by the time we were texted we were far too drunk and past the point of having a civilised mean. Tequila was our sustenance that night.

I was most devastated to find out that Chin Chin had edited the DIY Spring Rolls I had last time, changing the sauce, which was honestly the best part. For that reason we skipped ordering those this time in favour for another dish which was equally as mouthwatering. We ordered three dishes, Pad Thai, Massaman Curry and BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs. As basic as those dishes sound, you need to try them for yourself. At this point, I am under the impression that I could order anything off the menu here and it would just blow my mind. They also own Baby Pizza, Kong BBQ, Hawker Hall, Kisume and Shiki, which you better believe are all being added to my Melbourne Bucket List.

If I lived in Melbourne I would probably just come to this bar (GoGo Bar under Chin Chin) and sit in this spot making eyes at every attractive male in the venue until someone came over and wifed me. That's how dating works right?

Another night hitting the Cards Against Humanity hard. By hard I mean until 5:00am. We were all tired and Ray was basically playing from the position he is in pictured above. Yet for some unknown reason we just could not stop playing. It was a great night.

The last supper for this Melbourne trip was had at Darling Cafe.

Every time I leave, I just want to come back more. 

Video coming soon!



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