Melbourne Vintage Shop Crawl II

Here is an image of me most likely searching how to cure a tequila hangover. This was a very difficult morning for me. But considering we were in Melbourne, I wasn't going to waste the day in the hotel feeling sorry for myself. I could do that in public.

I know I went to Biggie Smalls last time I was in Melbourne and I usually try not to visit the same places but 1. it was my birthday 2. I just had to eat one of these insane kebabs again. I got the Dirty South, which is fried chicken, lettuce, pickled onion & lemon aioli I would highly reccomend this one, or the one Paige got was really delish as well. She got the C.Wallace, flaxseed falafel, smoked hummus, herbs, & garlic yohgurt. I wish I could say this kebab cured my hangover for the day, but it only helped me in maintaining basic motor functions, i.e. walking and standing.

jacket / Boohoo.com
top / Interval
jeans / Topshop
shoes / Windsor Smith
Behind me is Service Denim Store. It looked pretty epic inside (more on video) but unfortunately as you all know I am excessively poor. So sadly for me this trip was strictly 'Look but don't Buy'. Below I will attempt to name all of the stores on our Collingwood Vintage Shopping Crawl. I have made a note to actually take proper notes of the places names I go to when I'm travelling next time. 

Shappere Vintage Clothing - I really want most of the cowboy boots here and this cute leather backpack. The denim selection looked great as well.

Sally's Retro Fashion - one of my favourites. I love the true vintage stores where you need to actually look to find pieces. Those are usually the places that the exact thing you were looking for just happens to find you. You unfold something, open a book, look in a drawer, and there is the exact thing you want staring you in the face. These stores have a certain bit of magic in them I think.

This is in a different store and these are the ugliest hats I have ever seen. Go home Melbourne, your drunk.

This was hands down my favourite shop of the day, Vintage Garage. if you haven't been here yet, please go. It is an absolute haven of organised vintage chaos and I love it! Words can't really describe this place, I'll just let the photos do that.

Having a well deserved break. By the way, if you were wondering after breakfast Ray went skating with a mate. It would have been cruel to drag him along on our shopping crawl. At this point I was legitimately crawling I was so exhausted.

Even the bins in Melbourne are aesthetically pleasing!

Just havin a yarn

This was one of my favourite stores. If I had money on me I would have 100% gone crazy in this store. It's called HoMie.

DRAHMAHHHHH! Hahaha not really. Some pyscho just decided to unleash his inner Looney Tunes and became the Tasmanian Devil incarnate. He was running down the street kicking over signs and being a grade A moron. Got a gnarly gash on his head.

Vintage Sole looking dapper as always. 

It would have been nice to stay for a Pintxos or seven but we were just too exhausted. On the way back to the hotel Paige and I stopped in to RetroStar Vintage. I sadly did not find anything. When we got back to the hotel around 6pm it was to a very upsetting site. Anja had dislocated her knee and had to be taken to the hospital.

I've never seen anyone in hospital look so glam while in so much pain. Strongest girl I know. She will be getting reconstructive surgery soon. Wishing her the speediest of recoveries. She came back to the hotel that night and the next morning we took her to the airport and sadly had to say goodbye. This was so devastating, we had both been looking forward to this trip so much. But it's fine because once she is healed we are going to Boracay Baby!

Don't forget to watch & subscribe to my new youtube channel. The video from this day will be uploaded shortly. Until then, here's the first video if you haven't seen it.



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