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This is a dedication to the best thing in my life, my girl Sassie. Yes, that is how I spell her name. I know the correct spelling is Sassy but it just didn't feel right, she is too one of a kind. I named my baby after the cat in Homeward Bound. Not because I like cats but more because I watched those movies at least a thousand times as a child, and because I knew that my dog would end up being a reflection of myself. 

She has been in my life for I think almost 12 years now and I hope I will have her in my life for another 12. She was bought 3 days before her sister Missy, a golden retriever that is the family dog. As much as I love them both equally, Sassie has always been my girl. 

I have always been a dog person. There is something so refreshing about coming home to instantaneous and unconditional love. I understand that apparently there are nice cats out there, but they will just never be able to match the love of a dog. There is just nothing like it. I may have given my dog a bit of seperation anxiety, but to be fair I get it just as bad. Apparently you are supposed to not say goodbye to your dogs when you leave and you shouldn't give them attention straight away when you come home as it gives them anxiety. But how can I not?! I mean just look at that face. 

I love to take her out with me and I won't lie, I did once try to get her registered as my emotional support dog. But in order to get her certified she had to pass tests where the only way she could succeed was by not getting distracted by her surroundings and that's just a ridiculous request. Especially for a hound that is so close to the ground. She was made for sniffing all the flowers in life, and that's why I love her. We are one in the same.

The other reason I can't take her many places is because I can't leave her outside when I go inside a shop. She cries like you wouldn't believe. For such a small dog, she has a very big voice and she loves to use it. I am extremely grateful to not own one of those yappy dogs that barks at every single little thing. Sass barks twice when someone is at the door, because this is her house and anyone entering needs to be aware of this. The other times she is loud is when I don't let her back inside THE SECOND she is finished doing her business, or if I leave her outside and walk into a shopping centre. The moment I leave her line of sight she cries and cries as if she is being tortured. 

In saying that, I do often try to sneak her in to various places that she isn't allowed. I took her to the university bar once to meet some friends. Dogs in Australia aren't allowed on trains, which to me is an absolute joke. After living in London for almost a year, the one thing that made me so painfully homesick was the fact that there were always dogs everywhere! There were dogs on trains, in bars, in shops, basically everywhere a person could go. Which to me made perfect sense because they are just small furry humans and should be treated as such. But no, I come home and you get fined for having your dog ride with you on the train because its against the law. To be fair, basically any source of fun that in most other countries is fine, is illegal in Australia. Especially in NSW, the ultimate Nanny State. 

Maybe the reason I am single is because if there is the option of staying somewhere other then my own bed I will most likely turn it down in favour of going home to spoon my small furry child. Or I could just be quite happy being single. Never being accountable to anyone but yourself. Having complete control over your own decisions. Doing things purely because you want to not because someone else expects you to. Sounds better to me. The only expectation Sassie has is to be as close to me as possible wherever I am. If I am on the lounge with her, she might be fast asleep but if I go just to the other side of my room to do my makeup, she will wake up just to sit by my side. It's nice to think that maybe the happiness she provides me with just by existing, I can do the same to her.

I have always loved Dachshunds, and not only because my Grandma used to breed them and they have always been in the family. They are exceptionally smart but inherently sassy. They know what you want them to do but they make a point of choosing if they want to do it or not. They also have a tendency to choose one specific member of the family and they create this sort of soul bond with you. They have these huge personalities and often reflect their owners. Sassie is a miniature long haired dachshund and in my opinion they are the greatest breed of dog in existence. I prefer long haired to short haired as they are much more relaxed and chill and short haired ones often tend to be quite aggressive and yappy. 10/10 would recommend a dachshund if you ever wanted to choose a breed of dog. But at the same time, adopting is always a much better option.

This dog is my absolute world and right now my dream job would be any sort of job I could take her along to every day. I may be alone in the world but I'll never be lonely with my girl by my side. 


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