May Recap

To start this monthly recap....BUNNIES!

One of my friends had a housewarming dress up party and in the shower they had at least 5 bunnies hopping around. I spent longer then I should have in the bathroom cuddling the bunnies. Considering I only knew a couple of people of that party and I often swing between being a social butterfly or a shy introvert, this just seemed like the better option that night.

The dress up theme was "Dress Up", so I went as a biker chick because that's what was hanging around my room. And then you get to that point in the night where you realise that this is just what you would wear out on a regular night.

Me and Kung Fury looking like the ultimate power couple. Side note: I don't know this person and I couldn't tell you his name if I tried.

After months of being obsessed with the Fatties Burger Appreciation Society on Facebook I finally managed to get myself to BL Burgers to try the infamous 'Blame Canada'. 
200g wagyu beef pattie, maple glazed streaky bacon,
American cheddar, poutine & maple aioli

Not one to dampen anyone's dreams of trying this burger, but the thing is, it just wasn't that great. Extremely overrated. The sauce was bomb but I didn't taste any mapley goodness in that bacon. It just tasted like plain old fatty bacon. Nothing special. Pretty disappointed to be honest. But then again I think Mary's Burgers taste like McDonalds. In fact I would rather get a cheeseburger from McDonalds then a burger from Mary's any day. And everyone on the FBA group on Facebook froth over Mary's. So maybe it is just me. Go and try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

This was a job for a position in the Ally Fashion head office, I never heard back from them but thats ok. It was a big data entry job but it would have been a great way to get my foot in the door. This was about the time I stopped applying for jobs that I was qualified for and started just applying to any retail job knowing full well I am well overqualified to be standing behind a checkout. But at this point I am that poor and basically unemployed thanks to Woolworth's cutting my shifts because of budget concerns/ they are greedy fat cats.

Mother's Day came and went and the flowers that I got mum are still alive, which is pretty dope. I bought mum the nicest arrangement of these purple and pink bush flowers.

I invested in an epic lounge for my bedroom (this was when I didn't realise all my shifts would be cut and I would be poor later on). 

My room feels so much more complete now and I now have a place for my friends to sit when they come over. It also means instead of hanging in bed on my days off I can feel a bit more productive by chilling on this bad boy lounge.

I have been dipping my feet in the dating world lately and to be honest I kind of love it. I have met some great people and had some really fun nights. I love analysing social situations and the concept of modern dating is so fascinating to me. I am considering writing about it, but I don't actually know how many of my viewers actually read my blog/ would be interested in reading about it. Here's an example. 

My dad is currently overseas and my mum is always working so the house at the moment is pretty big and lonely. I don't really have any friends at Uni so I can't engage my social side there and combining that with a completely empty house is a pretty grim sitch. So to combat this I organised a last minute tinder date. It wasn't so much for a free meal because I wasn't even hungry and I usually offer to pay anyway. It was more to just have someone to engage with after a day of being so socially inactive. This would be my fourth first date with a person. And it didn't go that bad. But as soon as he said he didn't use social media much e.g. instagram and snapchat, that prospect of this person being a future love interest shut down. But in saying that he was a really nice guy, and by the end of the date we were talking social experiments and tinder dating etiquette. This is something I would love to write more on because I find it so interesting how differently everyone sees and uses dating apps. But one main point we brought up was the importance of the second date. I have been on two second dates so far and one of them really hit it out of the ballpark for me. The second person I dated took me on a surprise scavenger hunt for our second date.

We went to the same high school but never at the same time and lived in the same area, so this was able to work. I was given a clue and then had to try and guess where the next clue would be. Not only was this ridiculously fun, but I have never had anyone do any sort of surprise for me. I have held 3 surprise parties at my own house for other people and yet I have never had one of my own. There's only so many hints you can drop. So for a guy I've met off Tinder to go out of his way to put this together is a pretty good indication that there will be a third date. I really think the second date is how you put yourself ahead of your competition. And yes, it is a competition. If you are dating someone, there is a pretty high chance they are also dating someone else. And thats totally fine. 

I am honestly so much happier being single. I have grown so much into my own person, I'm not just "the girlfriend" anymore. Instead of wasting my time trying to impress someone's parents and friends being someone I'm not, I can spend that time focusing on figuring out who I actually am. I'm not dating to find my soulmate or the love of my life. That will happen in it's own time. I am dating to meet people and learn about life. Everyone has their own story and their own way that they see the world, and I find that so fascinating. I want to meet everyone, and you can't do that with a boyfriend, especially if that boyfriend has completely different interests to you. I am going to keep dating and keep meeting people and if you liked reading any of that then let me know on my tumblr.

One of my favourite things to do on a lovely afternoon is to take Sassie for a bike ride and try and catch the sunset .

This is our little set up.

My other dog Missy had to get some sort of leg surgery recently so I have spent a lot of my time making sure she gets her medicine every morning and night considering mum and dad aren't home. It basically is like I am living alone with two really high maintenance/ clingy children.

Sorry for the grossness but this is what I've been looking at the past few weeks. She took out all her stitches about a week after the surgery, but apparently it's all stitched up underneath so these top stitches don't actually matter. She is doing really well now and can walk up and down stairs with help (obviously we try and make her do this as little as possible). Hopefully soon I will be able to start taking her on short walks again.

I know it's super illegal but sometimes I just get so overwhelmed by sunsets when I'm driving I just have to take a photo.

I ended up pulling over and watching this epic sunset until it was completely over. My eyes were glued to it from start to finish.

After a lot of planning and thinking about it, I finally decided to launch my own website portfolio, have a look to see what I mean www.yeswanderlust.com. This would be the first point of contact for business enquiries for PR companies and fashion labels. I have finally decided to try my luck at being a full on blogger, because why the hell not. I've been doing this for so long now I may as well try it. And if it doesn't work out, who cares! 

Before I could launch the website I needed a really strong photoshoot to use as a way to guide people to the site. I had to go to uni that day but I asked my friend Lily if she could run around with me for half an hour and just take a few shots. 

They turned out great! And I even ended up using one of the images on my landing page.

That night I had my third first date, which was really great but I had to cut it short because I had the NEUW form denim launch event at the Jam Gallery that night.

Recently I joined Crunch and I couldn't be happier. After not going to Goodlife for so long because it's where I went with Luke, I decided I needed to change it up. A friend of mine who works at Crunch posted a status about a special they are having at the moment so on a whim I decided to sign up. It's costing me $10 a week! And not only can I go to any Crunch gym, but I can literally take a friend with me every time I go! The classes are so great and lately I have been taking Nicole with me when we both have the time.

After our first Fat Burning Pilates class we went to Nutrition Station at Cronulla and ate like Queens.

Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you to be the best version of you that you can be.


Not only did I get to go to a couple of really awesome events this month, but I also got invited to my first ever Fashion Week!

It was for the Cynthia Rowley show. I wasn't given a seat number but when I walked in they put me in the front row. I don't think I could have asked for a better first time at the MBFWA.

I guess in summary May was my most productive month so far, and it's only going to get better! Stay tuned on my snapchat and instagram @yeswanderlust. 


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