Cynthia Rowley MBFWA

This year by complete serendipity I ended up at Fashion Week. I had been at Uni all morning and was not at all prepared but I was well excited nonetheless. I ended up running into mega babe and a major role model of mine Pia Muehlenbeck. We chatted for a while about my new website, her upcoming travels and our possible collaborations. It was so lovely bumping into someone I sort of knew, considering I had gone to Fashion Week so last minute on my own for my first time, it was a little intimidating. 

Top / Neon Hart
Neck / Neon Hart
Jacket/ Topshop
Jeans/ Topshop
Bag/ WEGO (Japan)
Shoes / YRU

Pia and her hubby Kane were absolute dolls and helped me out with what to do and where to go for the show. I had gotten a ticket to the Cynthia Rowley show and I was so excited. I had been in the audience for fashion shows before but never a legitimate Fashion Week event. I was standing at the back because there was no seat number on my ticket when a man told me to follow him. He took me down the stairs and sat me down in the front row right in the middle of the runway. I was speechless. I later found out that the man who moved me was Adam Worling from AWPR. 

The show was flawless. My favourite moments were when the models were carried across the runways on surfboards like it wasn't even a big deal. Everything including the music, choice of models and timing of the show flowed so well.

I was completely obsessed with these wetsuits and I truly think that there is a huge market out there for feminine wetsuits that aren't black. Surfing is still something that I find challenging, but in a good way. One day I will successfully ride some waves without crashing out. And I hope when that day comes, I will be rocking one of these killer wetsuits.

I went to one day of Fashion Week and not only did I get to talk business with one of my absolute social media role models but I was also upgraded to the front row of my first MBFWA show. If that all happened in just one day at Fashion Week can you imagine if I actually made it through the entire week there? See you next year MBFWA, and don't you worry I will be so much more prepared. 


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