Weekend in Melbourne

Saya and I were bored and decided to go on a mildly spontaneous trip to Melbourne to visit our dear friends Imogen and Paige. 10 hours later and a few wrong turns we arrived at Imogen's with this beautiful sunset as our backdrop.

Imo's cat who's name I have forgotten it, let's call her fat cat.

First night dinner was at this lovely ramen bar on High Street in Northcote. 10/10 would recommend.

Reuniting and it feels so good.

Ramen and sake, hot damn I miss Japan.

That night Saya forgot how to champagne. Imo and I were setting up the movie for the night (the descent), we heard a loud bang and then some inaudible squabbling. Saya had somehow managed to soak the entire kitchen in cheap champagne. Of course we ended up cleaning up her mess. Such a fool.

After the Descent we watched the Descent 2 both of which were actually pretty good, cheers for the recommendation Rick.

We kicked off our morning at Proud Mary's. Someone at Saya's work had recommend we check it out. I am not much of a coffee connoisseur. As long as it's black, ridiculously strong and doesn't taste like battery acid it's alright in my books. I believe this coffee just passed, but not by much.

We had all managed to wake up at different times and eat a piece of toast in the morning so technically this was our lunch even though I am pretty sure it was like 10am-11am. I had Pho and they had rice paper rolls, everything was deadly. This place was called Xeom and you can find it on Smith Street in Collingwood.

We met up with Paige and then ended up all losing eachother in H&M. Heads up, it is amazing!! I am kind of obsessed with visual merchandising and this store really knocks it right out of the ballpark. Melbourne in general kills in the visual merchandising department. But this store is just on a whole other level. Takes me back to the window displays in Oxford Street, London.

Taking photos of a girl having her photo taken wearing a hilariously oversized H&M hat.

More class visual merchandising at Topshop.

Lighting candles in a spirituality store. I am sure they represented something but I couldn't for the life of me tell you what that something was.

Stumbled into this pretty neat little record store called Basement Discs on Block Place.

One day I will come back here and get myself some Seuss art. The main basically was my childhood.

I swear there is always something pretty to look at in Melbourne. Any way you look. The city of aesthetics. 

We had decided during the day that we were going to have a drunken puzzle night. We purchased some ridiculous puzzle, lots of tequila, oven food and cheese and crackers. We were in for a pretty sweet night.

I had also purchased pink hair dye to try and cancel out the blue tones in my hair, tbh it worked exactly how I wanted it to. I was very pleased with the results.

We ran out of puzzle steam and decided to watch the Descent 2 because the night before we had fallen asleep. It was a pretty great night. 

And just like that it was Sunday morning and we were going home.

This was how the puzzle looked in the morning. I think we did a pretty decent job considering how many tequila shots were consumed.

The last supper </3

Goodbyes really suck. I am really hoping that I can move to Melbourne next year. Sydney is really not my scene anymore.

About half an hour in Saya mentioned something smelling of poo. Not just poo but poo that had been stepped in. I couldn't smell it. I checked my shoes, nothing. Saya checked hers and I kid you not there was this giant poo covering her entire shoe. Plus she was wearing Docs, and this poo had really wedged itself into every crevice. We pulled over at the nearest service station and I continued to cry of laughter as she struggled so get the poo out with various sticks at the wash station. It was a great way to kick off the drive home.

Melbourne was amazing. I wish it was closer/ I could just live there. Already missing these precious faces. Hopefully I can visit again real soon.


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