Another year older and hopefully a lot more wiser. Still don't really feel like an adult, that is until I see someone in highschool. Maybe it will set in more when I start working fulltime (not in Woolworths) and move out of home. But I guess until then I am still a kid at heart.

For my birthday I had my nearest and dearest over for my favourite cuisine ever, Mexican. Old El Paso will forever have my heart.

Sassie is so sad, she just wanted to be included.

We a pretty attractive bunch.

My mum always makes the loveliest cakes.

When your Grandma is in the wrong century..

Blessed with a second cake at the Sharkey household.

Other then my birthday April was a pretty average month. I had ridiculously blue hair which was completely coincidental.

I tried to go to the gym more frequently.

On the weekend I had my friends over for Cards Against Humanity and beers.

This was a thing for like a week.

My dog was the ultimate emoji.

Coffee dates with one of my most successful friends. Seriously this babe is absolutely killing it! She ended Peking Duk's set at Splendour with her song High, she is currently in America with her boy Kilter recording in Will Smith's studio and her EP is nearly finished!! Keep an eye out, it should be coming out at the end of this year! Seriously I am so excited for her, I feel like a proud mother bird watching her baby bird fly.

That basically sums up the month of April minus the time I was in Melbourne. To be continued..


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