This is just a little summary of the lovely month of May. Above is the first of many presents I received from Bambi. She had this drawing of me commissioned and I nearly cried when I saw it. It is just so perfect. I am so completely obsessed with the Simpsons and now I am a character! 

May was pretty whatever. Everything is different now. At that point in time I was spending most of my time at Uni and the other portion of my time studying and yet I always seemed to be behind no matter what I did.

Sociology was by far my favourite class. Definitely the main part about Uni that I miss. Other then my friends of course.

Went to the new sushi train at Miranda Westfield. It was pretty awful to be honest but it did have black tobiko which was pretty impressive. Tobiko (fish eggs) is one of my favourite things in sushi.

I started interning at Torstar and I absolutely love it. 4 months later and I am still there. I go in Mondays and Wednesdays and it has been such a wonderful internship. I would love to work here the people are amazing.

I got angry at Uni one day and decided to bail on my classes and take myself shopping. I really took the whole 'retail therapy' thing to a whole new level.

Coffee dates with mama and sass in North Sydney.

I just bought this jumper from Topshop and I didn't any other jumpers I really liked at the time. So please excuse the blatant outfit repeating below, I didn't do much shopping this winter.

Reunited with our Cruise friends at Kat's 21st. It was such a great night. The dress up was 'K'. Joelle is a Krispy Kreme, the irony being she is an incredibly skinny fit model. Keegan was a kangaroo. Luke was Kobe and I was trying to be Kylie Jenner.

So much pouting.

My amazing care package from Bambi. It included bath bombs, a stunning mug, Frank body scrub, Ultraviolence by Lana Del Ray (the way to my heart is through vinyl), some lollies and a notebook full of her letters to me. I can't believe how lucky I am to have a pen pal like Bambi. Truly blessed, thankyou Tumblr/ the universe for bringing us together.

Saw some movie with Rick. I watch so many movies with him it gets hard to keep track. We were late and didn't have time to eat dinner so we settled on Messina. We got at least halfway through this tub during the movie but it got a bit sickening by the end of it. Dulce le Dulce, Salted caramel & white choc (favourite of all time) and some choc peanut butter flavour that was on spesh that day.

On my last day of uni I decided to be the ultimate badass and not only take my dog to Uni, but also take her on the train. I won't lie, I was so scared I would get in trouble. Which is actually such a joke that I can get fined for having my dog on the train. That was seriously one of the best things about London. There were dogs everywhere. On trains, in cars, on buses, no one had a problem with it. NSW (and Aus as a whole) is such a nanny state.

I took her on the train. We were the ultimate badasses. And we spent the afternoon at the Uni bar. She got lots of new followers that day @sassiefox.

This is Maria and Saxon, they made Uni bearable.

I look like a mum who has taken her child to the pub with her for a piss up.

Our last french class together.

I did mention above the outfit repeating. This was at Gymea pub for someones birthday. As always it was a good night. It's always a good night when I am with my babe.

And that was May. Nothing more, nothing less.


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