XVI. Last Weekend in Tokyo

I have been putting off writing this post for such a long time now. I just didn't want it to end. But all good things have to eventually. Now I can plan my next adventure! I didn't realise how much actually happened on this last weekend. It all started with a bit of retail therapy.

And some crack wing. Casey had bought one of these last night which for some reason made me crave it for breakfast. Can't say I had ever eaten KFC for breakfast before. That was an experience. We had both had a big night and this was our recovery. Eating fried chicken in a KFC where you could smoke and eat breakfast, both of which do not exist in Australia. 

I spent most of this day obsessing over the killer visual merchandising of the larger brands. I really love this and I am currently trying to find a job as a visual merchandiser so I can spend my days making amazing displays like these.

We spent our morning trying to find the obscure shops to tick off our to do list. This is Fake Tokyo, a hidden style gem. This store had some amazing pieces. The price tag was just a bit too high for two travellers at the end of their trip.

Could have spent hours in this store. If only there were a larger variation in their sizing.

Trend alert: Turtlenecks were literally everywhere in Japan and now they are everywhere in Australia. If you ever want to know what trends will be in next season, just look to Japan.

For some reason Keith Haring art was also everywhere! I am actually quite surprised I haven't seen him on any clothing in Australia yet.

He took my picture so I asked if I could take his.

There were no ingredients listed. I spent the whole time trying to figure out what those 15 items were. For what it's worth it tasted pretty good.

Went in to a Manga store and was not disappointed. But seriously it was a pretty great store.

I actually attempted buying this. I picked it up because it was in the English section. I should have been more concerned when I saw the front cover. I paid for it and when she was taking off the security seal I knew it wasn't in English. That was a bit of a downer, I was actually super excited to get this.

That night we met up with Casey to take him to ER Alcatraz. He was handcuffed as soon as he walked in. He was in for a good night.

Just some casual butt plugs in your drink. This photo basically sums up my experience of ER Alcatraz.

The roast beef pussy strikes again. I am so glad that this time she decided to tell us that the little ball of seaweed is meant to represent pubes. The more you know.

They really liked us.

I can't remember much of what we did that night. I remember that we were really hungry by 11pm so we decided to get a second dinner. Had some pretty great ramen in Shibuya. That night is another night that doesn't need to be shared. All you need to know is Roppongi is great at any time of night and we didn't sleep that night.

The next day at lunch time I crashed hard. Casey and Saya went to get lunch while I tried to recover. That night we said goodbye to Casey and he flew back to Queensland. Hopefully he can come visit us soon, we miss our big brother. That night we stayed in and recovered. I am pretty sure we were asleep by 7pm.

For my last day in Tokyo we decided to try and play Pachinko. This is still one of my favourite memories. While walking in to the Pachinko place Saya managed to kick over two whole trays of these little silver balls. They literally went everywhere. She had brought so much shame to us both, we had to leave immediately. And to this day I have still not played Pachinko.

While we were in Shibuya we were having a cigarette in a little shopfront. I spotted this really pretty girl (had to be a model) and was thinking of talking to her when she came up and said hey. She was a model from California in Tokyo to shoot a commercial. We were heading to Harajuku to do one last shop and invited her to come hang with us.

She was super chill and we all had a pretty girly shopping day. We decided to get into the Harajuku spirit and went into Daiso and glittered our faces.

We then went back to Shibuya and took her to Uobei. Cailin showed us the video she was in with Justin Bieber and some of her photoshoots. She is the definition of a 10 and her photoshoots were out of this world. But Saya and I had never heard of her until now. This was the last sushi I ate in Japan and I miss it everyday. I still can't get over how cheap and delicious everything was. Except for the raw squid tentacles. Never again.

We had to leave in the afternoon because I needed to get to the airport. When we got back in to wifi we found out the Cailin is actually crazy popular on instagram under the name @cairusso. She had posted a photo with us and I still can't get over how many people were wishing they had gotten to meet her. Pretty happy we got to spend the day with her, she was a mega babe and it was a nice way to spend my last day in Japan.

This was my last bowl of ramen with Saya. My stomach is crying in memory of how good ramen was in Japan. After this we parted ways and I got on a plane and went home. There is nothing really worth mentioning of the plane ride other then the fact that I thought there would be food, there wasn't, I was starving. And I spent most of the time suffering seperation anxiety from Saya.

I went to Japan and brought the 90's home with me.

Luke met me at the airport. I was close to tears. I am so lucky to have someone as wonderful as Luke in my life. Saya stayed in Japan for a week longer with her relatives. If it wasn't for Luke I would have had such a sad week. I wish Saya and I lived together, we would be the perfect roommates. This is where I end my ramblings of Japan. I hope you have enjoyed following Saya and my adventure through Osaka and Tokyo and everything inbetween. 

Arigatou Gozaimasu


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