XII. Found Phone & Roppongi

There really is no way I can truly convey how ridiculous our morning was on this day. We spent the morning travelling to various train stations I had gone to the day before asking the lost and found people (none of which spoke English) if they had seen my phone. To add to the confusion, the day before I had ended up getting on the wrong train, so I was going to train stations that I didn't even do anything at but change trains just to find this phone. We actually had the nicest couple ever stop their plans for the day just to help us. They spent nearly an hour with us calling up various train stations and translating to the man working at the station we were at. They even came to the police station and helped us file a report! I really wish I had gotten their numbers or at least an address so I could have sent them a thankyou present. After all of this I decided to take Saya to the same ramen place I went the day before, Ichiran Ramen. Literally only went there to show her this ramen. And on a complete whim I decided to ask them if they had found a phone yesterday. My heart dropped to the floor when the lady walked back with my phone in her hands.  

That was the best tasting bowl of ramen I have ever to this day eaten. 

In Japan instead of people smoking anywhere in the streets they actually have these little smoking areas set up, and they seriously work a treat. It was so refreshing walking the streets not having cigarettes blown in your face, but also not being shamed when you were smoking. This is one of the signs at one of the smoking areas in Harajuku. 

Our first stop for the day was Kiddy Land. This is by far the best toy shop I have ever been to in my entire life. This is what a proper toy store looks like.

We had left planning the Ghibli Museum too late and weren't able to get tickets. The Ghibli section in this toy store ended up being the next best thing. Word of advice, make sure you get tickets to Ghibli as early as you can or you will miss out like we unfortunately did.

I have to admit there were a lot of sections in this store where I had absolutely no idea who the characters were. But in a toy store this big there was something for everyone.

The Disney merch in this store was better then all the Disney Stores and even the souvenir store at Disney Sea combined.

Favourite wall in the store. I wanted all of them.

This was my favourite. Eeyore is forever my spirit animal. And I only just realised we are matching colours now too.

See that dachshund soft toy in my hand, yeah I bought that. And it was by far the best purchase of the whole trip. I slept with it every night after that, it was my Sassie away from Sassie.

This was another favourite area of mine, the Godzilla section. So much fangirl.

Japan: Making everything cute since forever.

These bring back memories of walking through Hurstville on my way to school.

Kiddy Land
6-1-9 Jingumae
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

After the toy store we went vintage hunting around the back streets of Harajuku. This made me a little sad.

Street art by @steveespopowers

Vintage shopping in Harajuku is great but very expensive. It's basically the same as shopping in Newtown in the stores that overprice everything. I was a bit underwhelmed to be honest. After shopping in Osaka nothing really came close. I really wish I bought more in Osaka. To be fair though, I am a big lover of window shopping and the window shopping in Harajuku is killer.

That night got very weird. Creepy face masks were involved. Snapchats were sent. It was great.

The next morning Saya brought me breakfast in bed. She had gotten bacon and egg muffins but told me that mine was something different she just wasn't sure what. Turns out it was a bacon and egg McMuffin, hold the muffin, add pancakes. It was the most American thing I had ever eaten, and I was in Japan. Couldn't finish it. We swapped halfway through.

That morning we were leaving the E Hotel in Higashi Shinjuku for our new place in Roppongi. Apart from the crazy small bathroom and room in general I really liked this place. It was a really great location. And McDonalds was right across the road.

E Hotel Higashi Shinjuku

We spent the morning hauling our suitcases across Tokyo, dropped them off at our new apartment in Roppongi while it was getting cleaned and spent the day wandering around the area.

Roppongi was really fancy. Think Martin Place but more Japanese and more expensive.

We ended up coming across another pet shop. This was probably the worst one. I don't think that puppies eyes are meant to be facing that way.

But this baby was there. I am so completely and utterly obsessed with golden frenchies. I will one day own one. Look how big it's ears are!

Pug up against the glass.

We finally found a Soba place. It was disgusting. It was my first time trying Soba, and to be fair I don't think soba is bad, just this soba was awful. Couldn't finish it.

This is taking veggie chips to a whole new level.

Found another Don Quihote where we bought food supplies for our apartment. For some reason at the front of the store was a massive fish tank with this stunner in it. So pretty and creepy.

We also picked up some Cinnabon on our way home. It was our first time trying it. We were not disappointed. 

6-5-18 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Our new apartment for the next five days we found off airbnb. It was really great. For that week it felt like we were roomates living in Japan, and I loved every minute of it. This is how we kicked off our first night.


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