XIV. ER Alcatraz

Just eating a crazy big apple. Goodmorning Japan!

Spent the morning wandering around the city with Saya. This was one of our last shopping days in Japan so we were trying to make the most of it.

Wall of heavenly delights.

Was on the hunt for a killer moto jacket. I tried on many but had no luck in finding the perfect one. Which is such a shame considering they are pretty on trend at the moment.

I was at Spinns and they had a whole wall of used YRU shoes. I still can't believe I found a pair that fit!! They were around $30!! Love my babies so much. And they weigh barely anything which meant they wouldn't affect the weight of my luggage.

Another great find but I didn't buy it. In these last few days I had to be extremely selective when shopping.

Playing dress up in the Forever 21 change room. On that note, welcome to Sydney Forever 21!! So excited to go and check out the first Australian store!

Forever fascinated by floors. #fromwhereistand

We ate at this place in Harajuku for lunch. It was so ridiculous. All you can eat pizza and pasta and everything in between for $12 if I remember correctly. You had an hour I think. We hadn't eaten all day..

10/10 would recommend going to this place. Just skip breakfast, you won't need it.

Boys with handbags, and trenchcoats and backpacks, oh my!

Just some casual store decor.

Bought this killer windbreaker for a very lucky mate. God I wish I had bought more.

That night we visited the highly acclaimed ER Alcatraz restaurant. After going through countless reviews of Tokyo restaurants and bars, I knew this was a place that we needed to visit. At ER you eat your creepy themed food in little jail cells and get served by over enthusiastic waiters, it is all kinds of amazing!

The waitress served these drinks to us by squirting condensed milk over my banana and making me eat it and playing with Saya's vibrator drink. Not even exaggerating. It sounds a lot weirder when you plainly say what happened. It was extremely weird and a hell of a lot of fun.

This was another favourite cocktail of mine, pine boobs. It was just some pineapple and coconut drink but it is just so much more satisfying drinking a cocktail out of a sippy cup.

This cocktail was the devil. I am pretty sure it was just different types of straight hard liquor mixed together with like a squeeze of lemon. It was pretty damn intoxicating. 

Another exciting aspect was eating gross looking themed food out of pee trays.

These two particular dishes weren't actually themed, they just tasted good. This was actually the only food we ate. We ended up getting so drunk on the funny cocktails we forgot to eat. Which if you knew either one of us you would know that that is extremely weird for us. We love food. But most of all we love eachother.

Most expensive meal I have ever eaten and we barely even ate. Be careful when you come here. The cocktails get ya.

One of the most fun parts of the night was ordering a tequila shot. I won't ruin the surprise but basically the whole place turns in to a party and everyone gets involved. And now doing shots any other way just feels empty and unsatisfying.

Where we ate.

10/10 would recommend going to this place to eat. And party. Mostly party.

It was still early when we left so we decided to have some underground beers at this really cute hole in the wall bar. It specialised in beers and Saya's one was really intense but she liked it.

At some point we decided it was late enough to hit the clubs, it wasn't. We ended up getting there super early and kind of just dancing alone for a while. We went to WOMB on a Tuesday night and it was awesome.

Eventually more people came, mostly just really quiet dudes. We were the only people dancing in that whole room. That is one thing that is a bit strange about clubbing in Japan. Japanese people are so shy!!

To be fair though this was the best night in Japan. We ended up becoming good friends with a guy from Queensland who I can't reveal his true identity because he leads a super secret double life. But seriously that night was legend...

dary! Above is another club we went to. The night kind of got a little crazy. Thats all you need to know. Partying in Japan is awesome!

Cat I fell in love with at the pet shop the next day.

As bad as these pet shops are, I couldn't stop. Those puppies and kittens were just so damn cute. When hungover, go to pet shops.

Still one of my favourite sushi trains in Japan. This place is called Uobei and it is in Shibuya. It is know as the rollercoaster sushi train. Everything is delivered by conveyor belts instead of the traditional sushi train. It was seriously amazing.

Hokkaido salmon roe.

Advice if you are visiting Tokyo:

1. Eat dinner at Uobei 
2-29-11 DogenzakaShibuyaTokyo Prefecture
2. Have drinks at ER Alcatraz 
2-13-5 Dogenzaka | Harvest Bldg 2FShibuya 150-0043,Tokyo Prefecture
3. End the night partying at WOMB

You're welcome.


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