Shopping, selling and goodbyes

What's in the box? In the box. What's in the box today?

3 of these things were presents and one of them was broken. But i am absolutely obsessed with my new lighter. Thankyou Urban Outfitters. My dirty obsession. 

New socks and polaroid, hellz yeah!

The Bert to my Ernie

The boys side of the table + Wass

My mum and her Occupational practice held a garage sale to raise money for one of her clients who lost their house in the Blue Mountains bushfires this year. She raised over $1000 for the family!!

I have an unhealthy obsession with garage sales.

And books..

My cousins dog Brody

Our smiling sausage dogs together

My Grandma Babcia who had stayed for over a month had to go back to Poland. It was so good to see her again. 

Love you Babcia


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