Luke's Birthday

Cronulla at it's finest

My babe wearing the coolest shirt by Avenyo

A perfectly choreographed Frozen Yoghurt

Luke had a small get together at his with friends for his birthday. 

The next day which was his actual birthday we went to Illawong, got a couple of Acai bowls (a new obsession of mine, and yes I know I am late on this trend), and then we went to our little spot and had a picnic. We were meant to go to the beach but it was just too god damn hot. Although somehow we managed to find ourselves on a mini bushwalk/ mountain climb, which was pretty fun minus the scratched up legs and feet. 

That night we went on a little pub crawl around Newtown. We started off at Newtown Social club for the best $8 pizza in Town, the Pollo. And then we moved a couple doors down to this somewhat new whisky bar called Earl's Juke Joint.

Don't be creepy.

I dare someone to try the jerky cocktail and tell me how it is. I was too chicken. Plus broke.

The two first cocktails, the Hobo Julip and I forgot the name of mine but it had angostura bitters and was not as painfully strong as Luke's one was.

Bad quality selfies for the sake of it.

We played pokies at the Zanzibar for a while. Not too sure why I took a photo of the menu. I didn't know how to change my bet from 10cents to 30cents and ended up getting a lucky feature. And apparently it was a really good feature. I managed to win $26. Kicking myself though because imagine if I had bet anything more then 10 bloody cents. Oh well I only put $3 in.

After this we went to another bar that smelt a fair bit and I have completely forgotten the name of. I lost badly in pool twice and then we headed to Miss Peached Soul Food Kitchen.

We ended the night with the cocktail I have wanted to get forever and a beer with a handle. The cocktail was called a Grape drank and as the name suggests has grape soda, vodka and peach liqueur in it and tasted fantastic. 

An amazing apartment we saw waiting for our lift home. 

Happy Birthday Luke! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Love you forever babes.


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