I live my live through snapchats and polaroids. Above is a snapchat of me on the way to a messy night at Gymea Pub on Christmas Eve. Peking Duk was playing, but other then that it was just kind of overcrowded and painful. 

This is the shameless outfit repeating the next day because I don't have clothing to wear anymore. On the way to my cousins with Luke for our first lunch. Yep...first.

My cousin Dan who works with me at Gloria Jeans.

We then went to Luke's house for our second lunch. Which meant luke could start drinking. Christmas feels like a warm drunken blur of an afternoon. But I think thats just the Christmas Spirit right? 

Full of the Christmas Spirit. 


We then ended back up at my cousins for the annual watching of the Grinch. 

Here's to the first of many blurred Christmas days that no one will ever really remember. 


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