The Queensland Work Roadtrip

The view from where we were staying the Islander Resort, Surfer's Paradise.

1st night dinner at an Irish Pub. 1st time ever going to an Irish pub so I thought I would be authentic with a guinness and steak pie and soda bread mmmm.

Bumped into this guy on the way home. Got a little excited. Less then 5 weeks now!

Wearing: White sportsgirl pocket tee and Wrangler cheeky shorts

The pointy hill in the middle of the road made me smile.

Driving home from first day of work in Murwullabah.

Only chance I got to have a swim :(

Prettiest dog, the photo doesn't do much justice. She is stunning and I usually don't really like pit bulls. 

Such a little sook

just some casual selfless at 2nd day of work in Mullumbimby

wearing: vintage dress and Tiffany and Co necklace

Mmmmmm stunning car. I am such a sucker for muscle cars.

Cutest dog I have ever seen other then Sassie. So small and such big eyes!

The crazy storm that came out of nowhere!

Friendly strangers buying us nice presents at Wollongbar

WWF <3


Soft fields

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Relaxing on the Verandah back at the apartment

Surfer's paradise

Leader <3

Night lights

The new kids on the block

The day of awesome presents at Logan Village IGA

Spectacular sunset

The only chance I got to go the beach before it started raining :(

Tired after work

Drinks with the Queensland, Mekbourne, Perth and Brisbane staff at Teppenyaki.

Was so great meeting all these people. Learnt so much and made so many new friends.

The sydney office <3



We were all supposed to be taken to Wet n Wild but it was storming all day so we went on a boat across the river and went to a cute little restaurant for lunch. Where everyone hung out and it was just basically really fun minus the storming.


...the turtle

Harrison the Canadian


Bambi would love this, shame I'm broke

Last night kings

Love these guys. I have only known them for 2 weeks and yet they all feel like family. I love my job!

Went out to shooters club to end the week off.

Such an amazing week. I can't believe how terrible the rain was though!
Love you all sorry for lack of posts. 
I still havnt finished the Melbourne photos. 

I need to do my visa, resume, cover letter, book flights, and insurance all in one day. 
Wish me luck.

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