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instagram'd Facebook dp

chilli tuna, cucumber, greek cucumber yoghurt and crackers

my morning kiss

homemade guacamole, hummus, pita bread, grapes, blueberries and tea


old photo of missy and my baby chicken seth cohen, rip

newtown with tav bitches


I miss shoal bay

love my ashtray

healthy life is a good life

start to healthy eating routine

welcome home message

cut thumb when parents were away :(

failed at getting my Polish passport due to pure impatience 

being lame and taking photos on train, no one was around...

had to take a photo

I actually enjoyed reading these stories for english :( 

completely and utterly unimpressed

definitely not impressed

merry xmas

fblj,bvdns/ljvmfdbjkdf (lobster noises)

the amazing night Yule bought yes sushi

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