Melbourne Roadtrip Day 2

The mess we found in the morning. Looks like we had a pretty good night.

Saya sleeping in the car 

Packing everything away and getting ready for another 6 hour drive.

Squished bugs on the front of the car


Cut I found on my leg from the previous night. No idea how I got it.

The submarine at Holbrook


"Yeah we will!"

302km to go!

rest stopppp

We made it! On the streets of Melbourne.

TB The Boys

Radison Hotel

Complimentary Bottle of Champagne with the room!

The most stunning verandah!

Last drink with the girls before NYE celebrations

Last sunset of 2011

1st tram trip

Federation Square at New Years Eve

The most amazing, cool, quirky club I have ever been to. If you go to melbourne be sure to check out "New Guernica" It's on little collins st and is incredible. The entire inside is made to look like a backyard party. Think fake grass and vines, flowers, cubby houses, and verandah dance floors. 

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