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This year I will sadly not be attending Splendour due to financial reasons. Which sucks even more considering my best friend Nicole will be playing. But I'm not going to let that hold me back from getting in the festival spirit. I have been to a couple of Splendours and I thought I would put together a couple of blog posts of handy tips and outfit ideas to help you get through the festival season in one piece.

One brand I have been absolutely obsessed with lately is Cocofields Boutique which you can shop here. They have the most stunning crops and harnesses to help you stand out in the crowd. This is their Zealand Halter. This piece would be perfect for a day outfit. And I am not being a major fashionista suggesting two outfits, but it can be critical to survive the cold night. Both times I have been to Splendour I have camped so having another warmer outfit planned for the night wasn't as issue. Although if you aren't camping definitely bring a warm coat and store it in a locker during the day. Don't tempt the weather gods of Byron Bay. Here are some I think would be good. But I could even reccomend a thin cardigan underneath for extra warmth.

Depending on what you are wearing, sometimes a hoodie could be the simplest solution. I love this Calvin Klein cropped hoodie from Glue.
Bomber jackets are also going to be pretty in, so may as well glam it up right? Bombers are everywhere at the moment but Topshop has some pretty sparkly ones like this Sequin Bomber Jacket by We All Smile. Topshop also has you covered on the rain jacket front with these amazing pieces (the holographic one in particular, obviously)
Holiday Festival Rain Mac (you will be mine as soon as I have disposable income again)

This skirt is from NEXT. It has just the right amount of swish for dancing in the Tipi Forest. If you do decide to wear a skirt, don't plan on it coming home in one piece. If you go in knowing that you will bring more mud then wearable clothes home with you then it won't hurt as bad when you eventually need to throw it out. 

One item that I think will be massively trending this year are big statement earrings. These I bought in Japan because I am obsessed with holographic anything. Verge Girl have some really stunning statement earrings that would give any festival outfit that extra sparkle. These are my current favourites.

Gumboots will be your best friend at Splendour. I have taken multiple pairs of shoes and have only worn gumboots the whole time. I finally decided to invest in a pair of Hunter boots before my last trip. Most solid investment any festival goer can make. Make sure you wear high socks underneath because you can get marks on your legs after excessive dancing. Especially if the boots are brand new. I learnt that the hard way. Side note: If you are camping I would reccomend buying a crappy pair of $5 shoes that you can wear to and from the toilet block because gumboots aren't that easy to get on and off every time you got to go. This is the pair of Hunter boots that I bought but they have a huge range which you can check out online at the Iconic.


One of the best parts about a three day festival like Splendour is that you get to spend three whole days immersed in creativity. Experimenting with makeup and hairstyles is a great creative outlet and you may even realise that some hairstyles are absolutely perfect for festivals such as cornrows. My last Splendour I planned my festival hair perfectly. First day, shower in the morning then have it out day and night. Second day wear a big hat to cover the greasy mess underneath and then third day you find someone super talented to cornrow or just braid your hair. This is less a fashion thing but more just a super easy way to style your hair at festivals in a way that you don't have to worry about it. It's basically like having boy hair for a day. Plus it looks kind of bomb.

Take lots of glitter, hair elastics, sparkles, temporary tattoos and just release your inner mermaid, unicorn, fairy, wood nymph, kawaii princess onto the world. Hair chalk in my experience tends to be more messy (can get on clothing) but if do go that route for coloured hair use it on a day where you will be washing your hair, either the last day or whatever day if you are one of those super clean people. I am not big on festival showering. Body yes, hair no. And you haven't really camped at Splendour if you haven't had a baby wipe shower in your tent. Another great thing to bring are these weird elastics that are popping up everywhere. You can use it to put up your hair when your dancing, and then when you take your hair out it won't have a crimp in it.

These incredible photos were taken by @LOULOUPOTIN you can see more of his amazing photos on instagram and tumblr.

If you want to read more of my last Splendour adventure for more Splendour advice if this is your first time camping at Splendour (super jealous) here are the links. Message me on tumblr if there is anything specific you'd like to ask me about. 

Splendour in the Grass 2014

earrings / Japan

skirt / NEXT
shoes / Hunter Boots
makeup by me
photography by Louis Potin


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