June Recap

Lets start from this around this point in time two months ago. This was the month where I think I truly started to embrace my creative side and just make art. I did a couple of photoshoots with a couple of photographer friends I have. This wasn't because I want to be a model or anything like that. It was purely just me giving myself a forum to be creative and practice fashion styling, and it was also to provide my photographer friends with shots for their portfolios. Collaboration is key in any industry, and I truly love working with people who inspire me. 

I also finally got my first Kylie Cosmetic products. Sadly I could only get the glosses but I still love them. I am not that big on glosses in general, I usually just use paw paw or something moisturising on a day to day basis. But these glosses are so pigmented they can easily replace your favourite nudes for a night out. Just as long as it's not windy. Lani and I got 'Like' and 'Literally'. I prefer 'Literally'.

I took over Nicole's snapchat for a photoshoot she did for Marie Claire magazine. Obviously at the time we couldn't say who the shoot was for, so the snaps were basically me just putting silly filters over her face while she was getting her makeup done. It was a pretty fun day.

I collaborated with Lani my best friend/ most amazing make up artist I know. She made me look beautiful and we put together a little outfit shoot. You can see more of this shoot at Bronze BBY by Kawaii Priestess 
You can check out more of her work on her Facebook Page

Lani recently moved out to Carlton which really sucks because she literally lived only a 5min drive from my house. She was cleaning out her old room and sent me this snap of her cute little memory box which looks like it's mostly letters and silly stuff from me. We have been best friends for a decade!!!

I tried Hakata-Maru Ramen at the Market City food court. It is pretty good for the price but I still prefer Yasaka Ramen (near Museum Station) and Ippudo (various locations). Tonkotsu is my absolute favourite ramen. I still really want to try Ichi-Ban-Boshi (The Galeries Victoria). If I didn't take the advice of a website article about good noodles I would have never tried ramen. My life would have been so empty. What are other really incredible Asian or Indian dishes that taste amazing that I may not have tried before? Please let me know your favourites here so I can try them.

Sass and I did our first couples shoot with @louloupotin. Considering she is my soulmate this felt quite appropriate. You can see more of this shoot here.

Got my first 'Wanderlust' delivery (this year) from Coco Fields Boutique and then I went really crazy with glitter and took some photos with Louie which you can see here.

how to cover dark eye circles 

Can we for a minute talk about fuckbois. Now I'm not one to say I am expert in this area (thank god) but the occasional ones do creep into my online dating apps. I like to think I have a pretty decent radar and can pick up on the subtle hints that the said fuckbois tend to drop when they are trying to 'tune' you. But this month I was sloppy and accidentally let one slip past my defence lines and I ended up going on a date with him. The said date was fine tbh at this point in the month one of my parents was overseas and the other parent was constantly at work so this date was more out of wanting company at dinner then actually wanting a date. 

Warning signs I should have picked up on:
1. Not looking in his tinder photo (if you can't see his eyes in any of his photos then he is most likely shady, very obvious if wearing sunglasses) 
2. He got annoyed at me for not responding to his second text message to me for 5 hours because I was studying, even though he hadn't actually asked a question but rather had texted a general statement.
3. His response to me not replying was "I though I added your number so we would talk more. I talked to you more on tinder." RED FLAG! Controlling and already blaming me for something insignificant. 
4. Too much hair gel
5. His name is Troy Bolland

After the date I didn't add him on fb because I genuinely saw the notification and just forgot about it. I do that sometimes. I was studying during that week and didn't think much of it until I get an angry message from him mentioning it. I added him then but immediately regretted it because I had this basic telling me off about it. So I deleted him. And as soon as I did this I got the most aggressive and manipulative text back from him. I didn't bother replying because to be honest I was just happy to have gotten out of that sitch before I made the mistake of a second date with that pyscho. 

Choice quotes (same grammar and spelling as he used):
"ha I'm glad you deleted me off fb now I get to say wat I should of said after our 'date'"
"don't speak before or after"
"you're a weirdo"
"I only wanted to fuk you not listen to you"
"I choose to be single I'm fukin 3 other girls at this point and all of them are hotter then you"
"you asked me what i expected to achieve from this...well know you know because i got it"


This is the most blatant example of a boy not being able to handle rejection and because he doesn't understand how to handle his own emotions he chooses to bring those down who hurt him. He is a DV case waiting to happen and I honestly worry for any girl that he comes into contact with. That is all the time I am wasting on this particular fuckboi. Look after yourself girls.

I went on my first proper girl date and to be honest, it was so completely chill. Same same but different. I'm not doing that whole 'what's your preference' thing because thats just not me. I formulate my own thoughts on people on a date to date comparison, not by gender. I will say one thing though, Ive never felt like I was on such an even playing ground. There was no upper hand, no assuming of who would be paying, it was just even. This was a while ago now and I am still friends with her. She has introduced me to so many of her lesbian friends and it really has opened my eyes to some really wonderful people. I am so grateful to H for inviting me into a community that I still don't feel like I completely belong to, but they still accept me as I am.

Bought these two dope pairs of shoes from Rubi. I really need to unsubscribe from email notifications. I got one from them about a 2 for $60 sale on shoes, and nek minit I have 4 new pairs of shoes.

When your bestie is playing at Curve Ball but you have no one to go with so you just go by yourself and pretend you are looking for someone the whole time. 

How amazing are the visuals!! Go girl!

Shining bright like diamonds. I actually did end up bumping into a fair few of my crazy cat friends there. Had such an epic night/ rest of the weekend. At least the parts I can remember clearly.

Another highlight of June was taking Sassie to a dog show in the city. It was just for charity and we ended up arriving so fashionably late that we missed the judging altogether. But we still had a great day meeting and patting all the puppies.

Life goal: pat all the dogs


Went with Lani, Dad and my Brother to a dog friendly pub for food after. I can't remember where this place was, but they made a mighty fine margarita. 

So that was June, it was a great month filled with puppies and photoshoots and I couldn't be happier.


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