VII. Hiroshima

Just picking up some breakfast before catching the train to Hiroshima. So many day trips so little time.


My second breakfast was the most kawaii piece of food I have ever eaten. And it was from a 7/11!!

I'm not going to lie, this was a pretty depressing day. It's never going to be that happy when you are visiting a place where so many lost their lives. It was a very sombre day trip to say the least.

I still can't get over this building. It is such an eery reminder of what happened here.

A man outside the dome building spoke to us about the government cover ups that were involved and his family members who were affected. It made it all just a little too real. 

This was my favourite part. Saya was upset that they had changed everything. She said that when she was younger there were paper cranes everywhere. That everything was colourful and it was just so beautiful. Now all the cranes were displayed in these boxes. The sheer amount of them was still overwhelming.

Later on I read more about Sadako in the museum. Such a beautiful story, would highly recommend you read up on it if you haven't heard of her. 

This is quite a breathtaking monument. 

Why advertise the trash can if there ain't no trash can. THIS IS HOW RIDICULOUS THE LACK OF TRASH CANS IN JAPAN IS!!!

Reak talk.

We went inside the museum and spent a lot of time checking everything out and learning about the history of Hiroshima. It was pretty overwhelming. Also is you are planning on going to the museum in the near future maybe just scroll down a little because heads up SPOILER ALERT. I haven't included too much because this is something that I feel needs to be experienced for it to become real and not just something you read on paper.

The foot has left a shadow. The shadow stuff really blew my mind. I don't even understand how that is possible. 

This little piece of writing broke my heart and I was close to tears at this point.

After the museum despite it being ridiculously cold we decided to walk down to Hiroshima Castle.

After pretty much walking the compete wrong way we eventually found the entrance.

Japan is the land of emojis and I was so happy every time I saw another emoji in real life.

Slowly trying to break in to the underground Japanese rap scene, holla!

Serious regrets about not trying weird flavour ice cream when I was in Japan. It was just too dam cold all the time! I really want that black ice cream though, just so I can feel like I am eating my soul. Also would like to try matcha, just because I like matcha. 

That awkward moment when we both drank the water then read the sign telling us not to drink the water. Such tourists. Very cursed. Many bad omen. Much impure.

Blessing cars.

These were like prayer scrolls or something that you purchased to help you obtain what it symbolised, like happiness, wealth etc. What would one be wishing to obtain with exorcism? 

Not sure if there is any particular spiritual significance but they sure are cute!

If someone could please decipher my blessing that would be much appreciated.

Dat booty lion in the back tho

You can't really tell but this was a pretty amazing moment for me. It is actually snowing in the photo. I have only been to the snow in Perisher once but I have never experienced snow. The irony was that we were going to the snow the next day. But this was still mega exciting for me.

That afternoon we caught the train back to Osaka where I had my first McDonald's in Japan. It was decent. I am not the biggest lover of fast food but I do try and make a point of trying something from McDonalds in every country. I love the little differences.

That night we did another wonder around the back streets of Osaka and found the best shops!! I could not believe how meta this store we found was. It was literally majority of my fan girl loves come to life. Think The Simpsons, Gremlins, Beavis and Butthead, Goosebumps and just so many other classic weird things. I was pretty upset they didn't have a Godzilla poster. So much classic Simpsons memorabilia though, I was in heaven. Just a shame I couldn't take better photos because I wasn't allowed to.

Then next door we found this rad little clothing store where I bought a killer pair of creepers (the white ones).

We also found more windbreaker shops. I think we both bought one that night. And yes 980 = $10.00. Seriously regret not buying more. I really thought they would have more in Tokyo.

For dinner we wandered around for ages trying decide what we wanted. We ended up going to another sushi train because they were the best, plus free matcha! And in this sushi train they had Tobiko!! Which is what I had been looking for from the beginning. I love tobiko, straight up I am obsessed with it. Could eat bucket loads no problem.

And the best part about this night was Saya spotting this t-shirt for me. I would have liked to find a bigger size but I don't even care I am still so happy I found this. This totally made up for the Jurassic Park ride being shut at Universal Studios. Thankyou again Saya for finding this for me. And of course thankyou for everything in Japan. I am so happy I got to experience all the weirdness of Japan with my best friend by my side. 


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