IX. Shibuya/ Harajuku

After spending way too much time trying to find this mysterious Acai cafe Saya and I gave up on our healthy breakfast and gave in to french toast. We had caught the train to Shibuya and after giving up looking we found ourselves in some random shopping center with very upmarket cafes. We both had amazing french toast, swapping halfway through because we liked the other ones better.

Shibuya killing it.

Here we have a Saya in her natural environment.

Wish I bought you.

After breakfast we spent a good couple of hours in 109 window shopping.

Ultimate hair goals.

Bought this baby at Spinns. I am still so obsessed with Spinns, I wish they had it in Australia.

Interior love. They really go all out decorating their shops in Japan.

This was just a fun day of exploring the heart of Tokyo.

Stumbled in to another pet shop. Still can't get over how tiny their dogs are.

A little bit obsessed with this pup though.

Cliche tourist photos

Hachiko Square

This is inside DOG in Harajuku.

Another amazing store of childhood treasures

If you were wondering where your childhood went, we found it. So many great memories. Regret not buying more ridiculous toys when I was younger. 

This was one of the places we had on our bucket list to visit. It was sadly closed when we got there.

Pharrell's store I think. It's some celebrity store.

So it turns out Barbie is a big thing in Japan. And oh whats that? Barbie is a current trend? Yeah, Japan is ridiculously ahead of everyone when it comes to fashion.

One of these things is not like the others.

Another store that was on the bucket list that we weren't allowed to photograph. This is 6% Dokidoki. I don't really get it. It is known to be a really colourful store with rave type clothes and I can vouch for this to be true. So if that's your thing would definitely check it out.

This is another place Timeout reccomends visiting. It is some really popular Hawaiian restaurant. The line was really long though so we kept on adventuring.

This is another place that we wanted to check out but it was late and we were exhausted so we put it on the backburner for another day.

Vivienne Westwood in Harajuku was our last stop for the day. I have loved Vivienne Westwood since I studied her in High school. I don't own anything by here and her clothing isn't really my style, but I am a huge fan and massively appreciate her work.

Found a tsukemen place near where we were staying. Saya loves dippy noodles, I am more in to my classic ramen, but it's all pretty great. This place was really nice as well. I just wish I had written down it's name, but you tend to forget these things when you're hungry.  

Baby all tuckered out from her big day window shopping. Love those cheeks. 


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