Nicole Millar Live

Mid week catch ups with these babes, off to the Standard to see Nicole Millar play her first live show! Standard pres at sayas with the customary array of chips and dip.

YES in Monochromatic as always.

I never wear my own clothes anymore. If you see me wearing something that is kind of cool just know that it is most likely Saya's. We got to see Nicole Millar's first live show, and she was beyond incredible. 

Credit Jack Toohey

The voice of baby deer and a body that makes you want to go for a 10km run. This girls got a set of lungs that won't quit and she is going places and fast! I highly advise you go and like her page Nicole Millar to keep updated and to see when you can check her out live. She is currently on tour killing it with the Kite String Tangle. 

 Credit Jack Toohey

The next morning Saya and I went to get breakfast at Yol's work Pilgrims, a vegetarian cafe that recently opened in Cronulla. The food is great and you get to look at this stunning face while you eat, what could be better?

As our food comas well and truly set in Saya and I decided instead of going straight home we would venture to the Cronulla esplanade. Ended up sitting on this rocks for nearly 3 hours and got a whole lot of sunburnt legs.

Meanwhile on the internet....

In other news, I head off for Thailand in a couple of days!!! So excited. Can't wait to share all my adventures with you all.

Sassie is not as pleased..


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