2014 beginnings

2014 Started the way everyone starts their new year, with a hangover and a bottle of water. I had taken a couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Years and they were coming to an end, so I made the most of my few last days. Went to the city with Luke to watch Anchorman 2, to be honest it was not my favourite movie and I regret spending money watching it. Would much rather have just watched it online, but hey what can you do.

We spent the night wandering around the city, trying to eat at Jamie's Kitchen and giving up again because every time we go the line is always too damn long! We ended up having a pretty nice meal at Martin Place bar (not sure it's actual name), it's in the dead middle of Martin Place.

I was able to start using Luke's Christmas present to me. The new Sarah Hankinson Calendar. It was hard saying goodbye to December Lana though. She will definitely be getting framed, she was my absolute favourite. 

I went on a mini roadtrip to Terrigal with these fantastic humans. Pictured is Luke, me, Madi, Lauren, Locky, Gen and Gen's rat dog. We stayed at Gen's holiday house up there. We sat at Terrigal pub for a good 2 hours playing 20 questions among all of us, and it was a great time. 

The next day we nursed our hangovers at the spectacular Avoca Beach.

Had the best day at the beach then we all got fish and chips and drove home. For various reasons we couldn't stay the next night but it didn't matter. It was such a great mini roadtrip, love these guys so much.

Over the whole of November and December we were having our balcony renovated. This is the end product. It basically a lot larger, a much prettier floor and roof with no moss or rotting wood. Glass around the sides so you can actually see and awesome ikea-esque furniture that is hella nice to sit and read on. I love the balcony so much now. Another reason to never leave this house. 

The savings are strong for this one. So excited. January 14th! Can't even deal. 

"I wish I could split myself into two separate beings. Put all my good shit in one half and give it to you, and hold on to the other side so you would never have to put up with my depressing, lonely, cynical, moody, angry, jealous, sleep deprived, self-hating, annoying, ugly self again."

- Sleepy ramblings 

Getting myself ready to start Uni here in second semester. So excite, much learn.

Will most likely be doing a Bachelor of International and Global Studies, majoring in Anthropology/ Sociology. Was considering Psychology but considering I still need autocheck to know how to spell it, I may stay clear from that one. 

Mum discovered this ridiculously amazing salad. It's Quinoa with fetta, parsley, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and grapes, it's just so simple and perfect. Grapes in salad is the best thing since sliced bread, spread the word. 

Oh and I dyed my hair dark brown because you know, new year new me etc etc.



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