One Year

One year ago I was sitting in my room with Luke when he asked me if I could go get him some icecream. When I came back I found this little note on my chalkboard wall. It has been the best year and I could not be happier. I love you Babes.

Presents for me waiting in the car after I finished work.

We bought eachother watches which we both engraved. 


And a romantic bath movie. Such a perfect One Year Anniversary. 

Oh, and we also went to Port Macquarie for the weekend. 

Me packing my regulars in the usual flatlay fashion.

The view from our room.

Port Macquarie seems a bit of an odd place to go. But basically we were/ still are broke and are saving up for Thailand in January so we thought we would have a relaxing pensioners weekend away. It honestly was exactly what I needed. Just to get away and not have to worry about a thing. This was the entree for our first night, Bruschetta with haloumi, need I say more? Well actually this was probably the only decent thing we ate from this place. Which was a real shame, it was one of the most expensive and one of the worst. And a meal should never be in those two categories, ever!

I really miss this room. 

I want to forever live in a bathrobe. Preferably not made out of towels, but beggars can't be choosers. 

We didn't think we won more then $8 but turns out we won $30 which was awesome. We have a problem with scratchies. I have a problem with scratchies.


Be basically lay on the beach and then we went back to the pool and we lay by the pool and swam a little. It was the best.

Chilled out afternoons with mud masks and saunas

That night we went out to a sweet little place called The Pier and thought we ordered wedges and nachos, but turns out we had in fact ordered nacho wedges. Mind blown. They were too delicious to take a photo. We had a perfectly chilled out night out. 

Then on the way back we were slightly drunk and tried to pat some horses at the circus. Lucky one of us realised that the fence was electric. That probably could have turned out very bad, especially considering how much I love horses. 

Saying goodbye to our little escape 

On our weekend we saw 20 Koi fish, 4 Bearded Dragons, 2 Pelicans, 7 Doves, 2 Geese, 6 Wallaby's, 23 Horses, a Shetland Pony and ∞ Cows and Sheep.

Snapchat: yeswanderlust

We fed the fish for a good 15min. 

On the drive we found a little market on the side of the road. We spent a long time in this market looking at all the various knick knacks on offer. I have a little crystal collection which I like to build upon when I travel. We also found these stunner matching Simpson's watches. And I know Bart is a fad at the moment but trust me, my love for the Simpson's isn't. There are also some shells we picked up on the beach and a mighty fine collar stud chain. I am a little upset we didn't pick up a postcard from Port Macquarie for the sake of it.

We spent the rest of the morning driving to Forster

We ate lunch at a charming little cafe called "Tartt."

After lunch we had an hour or so to kill which we spent walking around the bay and bumming out in the sun.

And then it was finally time. WE WENT HORSE RIDING ON THE BEACH! I can't express how much I have wanted to do this ever since forever. And I am so happy I was able to do this with Luke. Even if we were put on stubborn ponies, Luke's especially. It was such an amazing experience.

Can we just take a moment to imagine my horse saying "WAAAAZZZAAAAAAAA"
My horse was definitely the funnier one.

Such a magical experience. I got to trot a couple of times. Which for non horse people pretty much means a bouncier, faster walk. If anyone does horseriding in Sydney please message me. I would love to do it once in a while. Like learn how to horse ride properly, but not to compete. Just in case my dream ever comes true and I actually am able to own a horse. 

The trip home was exhausting but we made it in one piece. Thankyou again Luke for driving me, and just for taking me in general. I had such an amazing weekend.

My favourites

Luke, I love you. You are the best thing to happen to me in a long time and I couldn't imagine life any other way. I can't wait to travel the whole world one day with you and to come back home with you. Thankyou for everything. I don't want to go on because I can say this stuff to you in person. Unlike when all I could do was exchange long letters over facebook chat and maybe skype once in a while, if we were lucky. At least we know if it ever needs to be long distance again we can survive. And it will be even easier because we'll know what we are coming home too. 

I mother fucking love you babes, you're my bestest friend ever.


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