High Tea at Victoria's

I completely forgot to post this at the time, so I have decided to turn this into a celebratory post. It has been almost a year since my longest friend Victoria flew across the world and landed in that pretty land of the British. She was teaching there and was so amazing at what she does that she was offered a job in Germany. Her photos are amazing and make me more jealous everyday. She has done so well for herself and I couldn't be prouder or happier. And the best part about all of this is that she is coming home to visit soon! I can't wait to hear all her stories. Before she left we had a mini high tea at her house. Hopefully I can set something up equally as stunning as this for her when she comes back. Miss you Vic, can't wait to see you again. I don't have an address to send you kangaroo postcards to, so this will have to do. Sending my love. xx

Jacket / New Look
Top / Asos
Shoes / Payless Shoes


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