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  1. Hi Erica,
    I'm a 23 years old french girl and I am spending a month and half in london on my own; I thought it was gonna be amazing, but I haven't made a lot of friends and I'm feeling alone :(
    How did you do to meet people while you were here?

    Thank you..

  2. I guess I met georgia my closest friend through blogging. But most of the people I met whilst I was over there I met by chance. I met 2 lovely ladies in the line for the london dungeons. I made a few friends through work. I made friends asking people for directions. I guess I was lucky with a lot of it but you really just need to go and adventure and friends just seem to happen. Don't try and force anything. Just have fun and people will naturally be attracted to you. Sorry if this isn't very helpful. Maybe do little tours around london. I hear people make friends through those. Sorry for the late response xx