British Museum

Continuing the checking off of my to do list I took a trip to the British Museum. I actually spent most of the time I was in there writing letters in the cafe. But to be fair it did say on my list, "Have tea at the British Museum". Here are some photos of inside the place. I definitely prefer the Natural History Museum. 

The inner dome of the museum is quite spectacular

The museum had such an extensive collection of Egyptian artefacts which was pretty neat. We don't really have that kind of exhibition regularly in Australia. It will usually just be one that swings by for a month that is really famous in the world of museum exhibitions. I liked the artefacts.

I stared at these Hieroglyphics for so long. I was so ridiculously obsessed with reading all the stories through  the imagery used. I thought they were amazing.

I left the museum in a hurry to get to the post office before closing time to post my letters. On the way I took some photos of things I saw along the way.

This poor guy became one of the victims of the celebratory decorating of the famous statues in London with ridiculous hats to celebrate the Olympic Games. Poor guy, at least some of the others got decorated crowns and captain hats, while he is stuck looking like a Christmas present. 

Zara shop window

I love crests. They are all so different in various details. If the Woodward Family (my family) had a family crest, it would definitely be two sausage dogs sleeping curled together to look like the yin yang symbol. 

This was another soul searching day I spent exploring in London alone. There aren't any photos of me, but I did find some ridiculous selfies I took in Poland at my Grandparents house. 

With Love from London

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