The latest news in the fashion world is revolving around the soon to be crowned Alexander Wang as the new creative director of Balenciaga next week, replacing the departing Nicolas Ghesquiere's and ending rumours of the title going to Christopher Kane. These rumours were confirmed by a report in the fashion industry bible, Womanswear Daily.

Lets compare the pair, shall we? Here are some of my favourite looks from each. 




Ghesquiere has given European, French Chic a modern twist with innovative techniques and leather detailing. It's French antique Chanel meets edgy New York. This collection makes me want to go to Southern France and ride a motorbike through the countryside. Although there were a few looks in this collection that should be in an Italian dancing costume store rather then on the runway.

Watch SS13 collection here

The "Lariat" Bag

The pin up girl Kristen Stewart

Alexander Wang



These were my favourite looks out of this collection but to be honest none of these really catch my eye. Crocodile skin and leather detailing precariously held together in what looks similar to paper dolls I used to cut out in kindergarden. To me it just looks a bit too geometrical and awkward. But I do admire the modern techniques and the first dress is quite lovely in a "I would never wear that" way.

Wach SS13 here

The "it" bag the Coco Duffel

2012 Spring Feat Die Antwoord 

I don't know how I feel about this rebirthing of Balenciaga. It's an innovative European couture with a Spanish/ Parisien flair versus a "luxurious techno-gothic sportswear-come-streetwear aesthetic" (Pedestrian) of Alexander Wang. I like Balenciaga's most recent collection more, although I prefer the Wang Bag and pin up awesomeness of Die Antwoord. Kristen Stewart is so 3 years ago. Balenciaga has been around since 1918, so it gets credit for it's beechwood aged appearance, although on the other hand Wang is only 28 and has a ridiculously successful high end label and is now being crowned head of Balenciaga. I don't know about you but whether you like his clothing or not you have to admit he has done pretty well for himself and he will probably give the label the most mainstreaming it has ever received. 

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