Mardi Gras 2011

if you don't know already this is my best friend L

 So just casually eating sushi and this guy rocks up, lets call him Aaron. See that flask, yeah that L's boyfriend's and Aaron snorted MDMA off it. Oh but it gets weirder..

Now this guy came along, lets call him Pearce. Now Pearce and Aaron hugged eachother like old friends, turns out they didn't know eachother.

Hey what do you know, Pearce doesn't have any shoes on. See that white powder on the floor, yeah thats Aarons, he spilt it everywhere.

Pearce was a bit to touchy-feely for my liking

 They insisted we get a group photo haha

This girl made my night, she came up to me saying that she knew me off Tumblr. 


And that was my Mardi Gras

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