July Recap; UBER, Rising Star & the Accident

Oh hey, here's something that is entirely overdue and completely unexpected. Let's RECAP! I know 2017 hasn't been the most consistent blogging year for yours truly, but its never too late for a comeback. I have been writing here and there, but lets be real. A LOT has happened in the past 6 and a half months. Let me take you back to a day in July where I was in between jobs and relying on Sidekicker to help me out. If you haven't used this app before, and are floating between jobs and need extra cash, I would highly reccomend you check it out. It's like Uber but for jobs. Oh, and speaking of Uber...I GOT A JOB THERE.

Thanks to Sidekicker, I was the new Executive Assistant to the Head of Uber Australia & New Zealand/ Project Coordinator! What a mouthful. I was filling in the gap between a maternity leave starting and the official EA starting. But in the meantime I made the most of my time at honestly one of the greatest companies I have worked for to this date. Let me take you on a tour of their beautiful head office in Sydney.

The amazing kitchen that serves a catered lunch daily, buffet breakfast on Wednesdays & Fridays, and employs a lovely barista to make you free coffee whenever you want. Oh and there's an endless stream of avocado on toast to satisfy you in between. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is employee satisfaction in the workplace. 

The stunning waiting room/ foyer. The building is on level 29 and 30 which provides the most wonderful view of the city and sunsets. This is the main area where visitors come, food is served, events are held and a lot of the time staff will bring there laptops out here to do work because it is just such a lovely environment.

This is the ladies bathroom. I nearly cried when I walked in for the first time and saw this. Not for the hair dryer but more for the tampons and pads. Its such a simple gesture but can you imagine how many women this has helped during their time of need.

The best photo ID I have ever received. This photo is forever going to be my LinkedIN profile picture.

In every kitchen corner and every random nook would be a shelf like this that would be re-stocked daily. This one isn't too bad but a couple of them had chocolates and those shelves were dangerous. I constantly was finding mini chocolate wrappers in my pockets, in my drawers, in my bags, everywhere.

One Weekend Rochelle and I went to the Rising Social Star Live Forum. It was pretty good but a lot of what was being said were things that didn't really apply to me. But I am really happy I went. A few of the speakers that were the most memorable include Emma and Carla Pappas The Merrymaker Sisters, Ellie Parker, Nikia Joy, Natalie Giddings (Head of Strategy, The Remarkables Group), Georgie Cavanagh (Head of Creator & Brand Partnerships, Tribe) and Mima Seminara (Social Influencer Director, Social Soup). The last few women had really amazing insights into the industry. 

Afterwards I took Rochelle to my absolute favourite place in Sydney, Fishbowl! There are multiple locations in Sydney, this is the new Express in Surry Hills. My usual order is a So Cal with Tuna, add Tobiko and Wasabi Peas.

jumper / Interval
skirt / Interval
sunglasses / Virgo & Her
shoes / Windsor Smith (belong to my amazing friend Sara)

More work perks of Uber include good bathroom lighting, NAP PODS!, a guy that makes you coffee all day for free, avocado and toast all day and amazing people to work with.

This was only a contract role for a short amount of time sadly, but while I was there as part of my Project Coordinator role I was involved in putting together the Staff Winter Party. It was held at one of the most beautiful venues I have ever seen, Alpha Restaurant. We weren't allowed to take or post photos of the event but this is the amazing set up, which I am extremely proud of. One of my main roles was interior decorating, the theme was Aspen Ski Lodge. 

10/10 would have my future wedding reception here.

One of the shots from my collaboration with HiSmile. 

Grounds of the City opened their doors. It is a really beautiful eatery nestled right in the hustle and bustle of the CBD. You can really see the amount of work that has gone into the planning of this restaurant, everything is on theme down to the tiniest details. I feel very that is is very Twin Peaks meets Classic Australiana. I didn't eat here this time. I honestly couldn't afford a meal there. It's definitely a place to take your mum and grandma for a special occasion, not a casual lunch. I did treat myself to a Bloody Mary, 

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS FINALLY FINISHED!! And you better believe I hate watched every single episode of that last season. 

The best work perk, I COULD TAKE SASSIE WITH ME!!! She is honestly the most chill work dog. She would follow me everywhere (even the toilets hehe). When I was working at my desk she would sleep in her Country Road bag, which is the perfect sausage dog size. 

Nights out with Roisin, finding secret Gin bars and hunting for Sex toy shops in the CBD. 

One of the acting jobs I did at VIVID with a company that specializes in corporate events. I was playing a party girl in a murder mystery at Crane Bar. I am not an actor in any way shape or form, but it was a fun way to earn a bit of extra money when I was unemployed. 

Henry Lee's delivering the goods. 

When Uber Eats treats the company to lunch they go all out!

Below is what I posted the day after this happened. 
Story time! 📖 yesterday i had such an amazing riding lesson. I haven't ridden in so long and I was feeling really confident with my rising trot 🐴Unfortunately right at the end of the lesson the horse tripped over itself 🐎 I managed to stay on while it tripped but then it freaked and bolted which is where I lost my bearings and was thrown off 🏇I have never broken a bone but this was the most pain I've ever been in 🌾 I landed on my back and I was terrified 🚑 shout out to the best kind of humans in the world, Paramedics. The real MVPs of life 🏆These two were so nice and funny and kept me smiling even though I was so scared. The morphine and the green whistle also helped 🏩I spent the day in hospital getting X-rays and CT scans not being allowed to move, being slid across from table to table. 🛌 finally my tests came back and thankfully I was all clear just a heap of bruising and swelling. At one point I had to show I could walk to get discharged, fainted walking to the bathroom which meant another couple of hours there alone. I didn't call my parents to come because it was my Dads birthday and I didn't want them to have to spend it with me in hospital 🤕 end of the story, I am ok. I couldn't get to work today as walking makes me actually cry from the pain. Thank you for the messages. They really helped when I was so alone on the other side of Sydney. Also shout out to the riding instructor for collecting me from Hospital and my Aunty and uncle for dropping mum off at 9pm at night to pick me and my car up 🌿🌿🌿🕉🕉

So after the accident I tried to go back to work but it was just too much and I worked from home the rest of the week. I sadly had to end my contract earlier as I needed to focus on getting better. I spent two weeks stuck in bed on Endones and then a good 2 months of rehab physio. This was a really difficult time for me physically and emotionally. Despite how down I was during this time I needed to focus my energy on getting better. and keep reminding myself that if I fell in any other way I could have died. I spent my days sad but grateful, weak but focused on getting better.

Consider this post my love letter to Uber. Hands down one of the best companies I have ever worked for. One day I may go back but at the moment I am chasing my career dreams. Uber will always be a huge inspiration and if I do ever get my own company off the ground, this is how I want my company to look and feel. I want staff who come into work every day loving their job and their work environment as well as eachother. What an incredible workplace!


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