Tokonoma by Toko

When you try to take photos in the light to show off the prettiness of your makeup, but end up just looking really cranky/ drunk. Don't take yourself so seriously.

Met up with Nicole for a full glam girls dinner. I was lucky enough to win a voucher for a new restaurant called Tokonoma by Toko. I have never been to Toko in Surry Hills other then for drinks. But from what I have heard, the food is divine! 'Tokonoma' stands for the focal point and spiritual centre of the Japanese House. It represents the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, and I was so excited to experience this to the full extent.

When you are best friends with someone so long you start to look similar. 

I am a huge fan of sushi and seafood, so Tokonoma was right down my alley. But before I mention the food I need to take my hat off to that Lychee Martini, muddled lychees shaken with cherry blossom liqueur, belvedere vodka and house infused strawberry shochu. By far the most amazing martini I have ever had. I had four in total! I slightly regret not trying more of the cocktails on the menu if this was the standard of how they would taste, but I just couldn't stop once I started. 

Nicole and I decided to get the Chef's selection of signature dishes, and we were not disappointed. We were blown away by every dish. I will try and list the amazing dishes we had. Our meal began with Oysters, freshly shucked, in this delicious grapefruit juice/ sauce. Some of the menu items we had are not listed online at the moment, my apologies that some items I can't give complete descriptions for. 

Served with the oysters from the top of the above image, the freshest salmon nigiri we have ever eaten. Yellow fin tuna tataki pistachio, radish, pickled fennel and New Zealand scampi nigiri foie gras, truffle, soy jelly. Don't worry, I don't know what half these words mean either. All I know is that Tokonoma can prepare some damn tasty raw seafood. After eating excessive amounts of raw seafood in Japan I have to say that this is the best I have had since then.

Jacks creek wagyu carpaccio strawberries, yuzu ginger relish. The texture of beef carpaccio is always a little tricky to get your head around. The mixture of flavours in this dish completely drowned out any uncomfortable notions I had of eating raw beef. 

My absolute favourite dish of all and one that I would see as the crowning glory/ must eat dish at Tokonoma, the Sashimi Omakase  a daily selection of seasonal raw fish. Obviously if you don't like raw fish (not sure why you are still here) you won't enjoy this one. But if you are like me and enjoy the finer things in life, like a nice sunset, a good cup of coffee or an extremely fresh and delicious food, you will love this.

Zucchini flower tempura tofu feta, toko dashi broth. I liked the flavours in the sauce although I feel the zucchinis had a bit too much deep fry batter on them. I'm not a lover of fried oil. I prefer my oil in coconut form, lathered on my skin before bed. 

Black cod saikyo miso, pickled ginger. I'm usually not one for cooked fish, unless it is the teriyaki salmon that mum cooks, but this fish was delish! At this point we were starting to struggle with how full we were getting. Maybe it was the four martinis, maybe the raw fish was expanding in our tummies. We couldn't stop eating this dish though, We scoffed down the whole thing. 

Jacks creek wagyu scotch fillet, shiso chimmichurri. This was one dish I did not like. I am usually all for a good steak. Especially when it is red and dripping in the centre. But this dish was just far too over-salted. It was salted beyond the possibility of enjoyment. I don't know how much somehow it was soft and red on the inside yet dried out like an overcooked steak on the outside. Plus it was served with salt which was just ridiculously unnecessary. Each to their own, but I think even someone who loved salt on everything would have to put their knife and fork down to question this slab of meat's saltiness. 

This is what is listed on the website: Yamazaki whisky sundae coffee mousse, chocolate sorbet, honeycomb. Although I don't remember the taste of whisky. I remember this as a rich chocolatey dish that although was delicious it was a bit too intense after the array of flavours we had just experienced. Would be a really good dish to enjoy separate from an entire meal. But let's be real. You always enjoy dessert when you get it on it's own than when it's ending a huge meal where you can barely breathe due to high levels of fullness. 

Our palettes were rescued by this innocent and delicious little mandarin sorbet. The perfect end of the meal.

All in all, I am so excited to go back to Tokonoma. I am going to take my mum as a treat soon.

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After dinner I took Nicole and her boyfriend Ned who came to meet us, to my reg Button Bar. We drank Aperol Spritz' and I got quite drunk. After 12, it turns out that not many places are open in Surry Hills. We ended up at Strawberry Hills Hotel questioning our life choices whilst watching a couple across from us suck face. I think we were all a little amazed at out little this couple needed to breathe. All in all, amazing night. Full bellies, drunk eyes, can't lose.


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