Losing my Supanova/ Comic book convention virginity. My best friend Lani here is an experienced veteran in the art of Comicons, But for me this was a whole new world and I couldn't wait to let my inner nerd shine. 

I didn't have an outfit planned so the night before I decided I would just borrow Lani's wig and go as a Japanese Schoolgirl.

I really don't suit a fringe. Lani was Harley Quinn as I am sure you can tell.

Secret obsession #1: Jurassic Park

Secret obsession #2: Gremlins

Lani getting asked to have photos taken with her. On her way to becoming a fulltime Comicon dressing up person. Because apparently that is a job.

Secret obsession #3: Horror movies

Secret obsession #4: Comic books. Maus is actually amazing, 10/10 recommend.

Secret obsession #5: Godzilla

Secret obsession #6: Game of Thrones

Actually so many Harley Quinns it was all kinds of ridiculous.

Secret obsession #7: Pixar movies and anything animated really.

Secret obsession #8: Those liquorice sticks you get at festivals and cons. So good. I ate so many on the bus home I ended up making myself sick. Worth it.

Secret obsession #9: Tattoo art. These zombie kitties were awesome.

We were walking around when we heard "HARLEY"! This group of dudes wanted a photo with their leader. That was Supanova. It was awesome and weird and so unashamed of itself. I was so overwhelmed by everyones inner nerds coming out. It was all kinds of amazing. I ended up buying a little mogwai and some manga (Assassination Classroom, Death Note 2, and Blue Exorcist). I can definitely see myself attending many more of these to come.

Rick going on tour or coming back or going recording or at band practice, I don't even know anymore.

The challenge was set. On this episode of Erica's ratchet hair salon:  Can I give Lani an awesome half/ half hair?

Dividing her hair completely even was such a mission.

I think I did a pretty amazing job if I do say so myself. Yay for ratchet hair salon.


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