V. Aquarium/ Castle

Aquarium round 2. After our previous day's events we made sure to check online before we headed out. At least this time we knew the trains to catch, that was one less thing to worry about. 

It was a good sign when we arrived at the aquarium to actually see people out the front. Still can't get over how ghost town it was on the previous day. 

This aquarium was pretty amazing! There were these giant otters that completely blew me away. I have only ever seen the cute little otters, these were just big wet dogs. While seals on the other hand were just big hairless fat dogs. Saw some pretty weird animals and fish, including a capybara which I was obsessed with thanks to Bob's Burgers. 

Even the dolphins looked different. The Osaka Aquarium is designed in such a way that you start from the top and as you walk around the central aquarium you see different layers of fish in the same tank. I don't know if that really makes sense. Basically at the top of the aquarium are the fish that swim close to the top of the ocean. And underneath are the fish that swim closer to the bottom. You are always seeing new fish yet you are looking at the same tank, how amazing is that! Would highly recommend checking out this aquarium if you are ever in Osaka, photos don't do justice. 

The greatest attraction by far was the incredible whale shark. As much as I feel this tank was too small for such a large, beautiful creature, I am still grateful for the opportunity to see one up close. 

The sun fish was also an amazing fish to see in real life. I used to have these toy sea creatures that I played with in the bath when I was little. One of them was this sun fish, and I always assumed it was the same size as other fish, damn was I wrong. This thing is huge, and a little bit creepy. Saya hated it. It was hilarious.

These fish were so entertaining to watch. Whenever they would open their mouths you would see a flash of light. We would just watch them, trying to spot the little mouths opening. So much jaw dislocation. 

Had some takoyaki and fried chicken for lunch. I never realised but the stuff on top of the takoyaki is fish flakes and they actually move around because of the heat and it's quite creepy. It looks almost alive. I think this may have been the last time I had takoyaki, I had just lost my taste for them.

These jellyfish or whatever they were, were so cool! They literally looked like little angel/ devil sea monkeys. They had little wings and little devil horns. I couldn't get a descent photo of them because they were so tiny. 

Photos with seal.

This was pretty insane. They had a touch pool with sharks and sting rays. I have felt a shark before but never a sting ray. I have never really felt anything like it. It's like touching soft jelly.

Just a few of the crazy random toys we found in the gift shop. Because we all know the gift shop is half the fun. 

After a quick squad shoot we made our way back to the station. We had decided to go check out Osaka Castle. Mind you this day was particularly cold. 

More sweet potato. It's such a simple idea, but it is such a satisfying thing to eat on a cold day. I think it felt colder then it was because it was so windy as well. 

Reading my fortune. Just some mild blessings for my life. 

This castle was quite stunning. We didn't go inside but just walked around it. And maybe had a bit too much fun taking photos, but that's totally fine. There is no shame with photos in Japan. 

Had to stop this girl to get a photo of her coat. I was completely obsessed. Bonus points for the film camera. If anyone has any idea where I can find a coat like this please speak up. Write to me at my tumblr.

Watching old men feed their dogs, and ducks swim in strange formations, dangling our feet over the edge and losing feeling in our extremities from the cold. This was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Just casually wandering around a castle. Taking in as much of Japan as I could. 

Bike game is so strong. Vending machine game also so strong. What I would do for some vending machine warm milk tea right now.

After our long day of being tourists we made our way back to Shinsaibashi in search of wifi and coffee. We found this cute little coffee house that we sat down in, but there was no wifi and coffee was ridiculously expensive for Japan so we bailed. 

Ended up at a random chain bakery. This is a photo of Saya basking in the warming glow of the free wifi. After our afternoon tea or whatever you would like to call our random meal times, we began our long search for American Apparel. Following Saya's sense of direction we went down some random side streets (in the complete opposite direction to American Apparel).

After walking for a while we got hungry and decided to have a proper meal. This was our 4th day in a row eating ramen now I think. No regrets. This was again a bit Chinese, as it had cabbage in it. Was still good though. It's so hard to take a photo of ramen, it always looks so disgusting and oily. But damn it tastes good. 

HAIR & EYERASH !! Oh Japan.

This was a pretty great shopping night. We found some pretty amazing places in the side streets of what is known as Amerikamura. Some amazing second hand shops that stocked some really cheap, good quality pieces. If only I hadn't held back on shopping until Tokyo. Osaka really had the goods, and at such a cheaper price!

This was still probably the two craziest outfits I saw on my trip and it wasn't even in Harajuku, it was in a back street of Osaka!

Came across this Alice in Wonderland store with a tiny door. 

Then we came across this amazing record store which mainly specialised in rap but still had a killer selection. I really love vinyls and I regret not bringing any home. It would have been so hard to bring them home though, I would be terrified of them getting damaged. 

Shoutout to Rick and the recent Godzilla movie for not being terrible. Seriously so keen for Jurassic World. Almost more excited for that then the final Hunger Games movie. 

Saya and I found a lolly shop and bought some supplies which we completely forgot about until heaps later in the night.

There were lots of cheap 'fake' stores which actually had some pretty fun stuff. We couldn't find these kind of stores in Tokyo except for ANAP and ANAP kind of sucked. 

I wish so badly that I could tell you the name of the shop I found this but I really can't remember. They also had Marge as Chanel but I had to go with Homer, but in black not white. I mean come on, it says bros before hos, I was sold. Especially since that's not even how you spell hoes, making it that much funnier. 

This is what vintage shopping looks like in Osaka. It is amazing. This is literally where all the cool vintage stuff ends up. I don't know how they do it but we found so many shops like this all over Osaka, and yet none in Tokyo. They had so many windbreakers and denim jackets, I was in heaven. 

If Saya was a Lolita girl.

Hair goals.


WE FINALLY FOUND IT! It was so close to closing time but we didn't care. We had made it. We went the complete wrong way and ended up finding some pretty amazing shops along the way. I feel that it was a pretty successful night. I think this was the night I truly fell in love with Osaka. I wish I could go back just to shop for a weekend.


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