Thailand Phi Phi Island

Slowly but surely I will get through my Thailand blog posts I promise! On our first day in Thailand we had booked a heap of tours for the next few days and our first tour was the Phi Phi Island boat tour. We had to catch a bus at 5am which wasn't the best time, but considering we were still getting over the awful flight, sleeping early the first night was not very hard. But early mornings mean sunrises, and Thailand sure knows how to put on a good sunrise. 

We made our sleepy way to the dock where we would be leaving from. My biggest regret from Thailand would be not getting the exact names of the tour groups we were on because this one was definitely the best! We sat up the front of the boat with a group of Aussies and the tour guide people were so nice. The boat would be speeding through the ocean and they would just be casually climbing on top and around the sides of the boat, whilst I was sitting there holding on to dear life. 

We stopped at Maya Bay first, which I am sure most of you would know is where The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. I am so happy we stopped here first because it was already pretty crowded and I can't imagine how busy it would have been if we had gone in the middle of the day.

I was playing with my camera settings a lot and that is why the photos are different colours. The photo above is what it actually looked like there. Phi Phi is just awe inspiringly beautiful. White sands and crystal blue waters, I'm sure you've heard it before but you really do have to see it to believe it. 

The best thing about Thailand is that no matter where you go, no matter what time of the day, the water will always be a perfect temperature. 

I so badly wish we stayed longer on Maya Bay. Or that we just did this exact same tour again on a different day. It was literally that good! Free fruit and water all day, we were living like Island Kings and Queens. 

This is the Viking Cave which plays host to the thriving birds nest soup industry. Fun fact: "Edible bird's nests are among the most expensive animal products consumed by humans, with an average nest selling for $2,500 per kilogramme for end-consumers in Asia."

We could only stop for a bit to have a look but it was still pretty spectacular.

Next stop was Monkey Island. I was a bit annoyed because we weren't allowed off the boat. But to be fair it was just a few monkeys eating things that monkeys wouldn't usually eat. 

The island was amazing though.

We had our first swimming stop over before lunch. It was in a section between 3 Islands and there was not much light in there. We jumped off the front of the boat and floated in the water whilst we watched people from another tour climb up the sides of rock walls and then proceed to jump in to the water. 

We stopped off at this lovely island to have our first of a ridiculous amount of buffet meals that we had whilst we were in Thailand. Had my first paw paw salad, found out that they are actually incredibly spicy but still so good. The view as always was just incredible. 

And of course they had perfectly situated swings to really rub in that tropical island effect. 

Hanging out on another swing whilst waiting to go. After lunch we went snorkelling twice. The first time they were basically throwing bread on top of our heads so I had fish running in to me at one point. But at that place a few people started seeing jellyfish so we went to the second place.  Luke didn't snorkel at the second place, so I had a peaceful float just watching the little world underneath me go about it's everyday business. I am so obsessed with snorkelling. Ever since the first time I went at Spoon Bay just out of Sydney I have absolutely loved it. Thailand snorkelling is just out of this world. I have never seen anything like it! After our last snorkel we headed back home.

Back at the resort we rested our exhausted bodies by the pool and watched the sun go down. Still can't get over the fact that we were literally in paradise. 

That night was made even better by the fact that our hotel had an Asian Experience buffet. Which was basically every type of asian food laid out in buffet form. I will never get over my love affair for buffets, or for how much I love Thailand. This place was just beyond amazing.


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