The Road to Splendour

This is another ridiculously delayed blog post. But I am promising to get my blog up to date. I just bought a new macbook air, and it is a great motivator. This is my recount of Splendour in the Grass, at least as much as I can remember from that amazing weekend. 

When Bambi left I got really sad and dyed my hair purple. Because I know Bambi would have wanted it this way. Waiting for Nicole to come and pick me up from mine, you can smell the Splendour in the air. 

Jumper / Sportsgirl
Hat / Markets
Pants / Boutique in Cronulla
Shoes / Lipstik Shoes
Bag / Topshop
Sunglasses / Temt

This is Nicole. She is amazing and I couldn't ask for a better roadtrip companion then this babygirl right here. Also she sings like a bird..

This is our Juicy Camper, Jane Lane. She was our trusty steed that drove us from Sydney to Byron and back again with no complications. No kangaroos and no breakdowns, thats all you can really ask for from an Australian roadtrip. Plus she had a pretty amazing booty which we slept in. 

snapchat: yeswanderlust

And here begins the colour evolution of my hair

Nicole being the best driver in the whole entire world. I can't even drive to the city because I get nervous. 

In the first half an hour of driving we had to call the Juicy people because I got a bit overexcited about driving in a van/ going to splendour/ yay roadtrip and I opened the sunroof and we could not figure out how to close it and it had just started to rain. But don't even worry about it, the juicy people were quick to reinforce that I am an idiot and the problem was quickly resolved. Thanks Juicy!

We stopped off at the Entrance. Probably should have driven a bit further in the first half but then again if we had, we wouldn't have come across this stunning little cafe called "The Glass Onion Society".

I wouldn't have been photobombed by a pug.

And Nicole wouldn't have found the most Canadian looking parka at the vintage shop across the road.

Sorry Glass Onion, we borrowed a candle out of the toilet as a souvenir. Hopefully one day we can return and swap it for something different.

This is around the time the rain started to ruin the mood a little bit. 

After driving all day, following a car with a Splendour bumper sticker to Port Macquarie, deciding we wanted to drive further, ending up in Coff's Harbour, we found a pretty cute caravan park to park ourselves for the night.

Our home away from home. This was not one of our best nights from that weekend. Turns out Coffs Harbour at night is a terrible and scary place to be. We could not find food anywhere! We ended up walking 40min to McDonalds (last resort), in the dark, whilst fighting off drunken bogan advances off old men practically herding us into their car. But don't worry, we kept our heads down and got the hell out of there as soon as we could. 

The next morning we woke up to discover the joys of the jumping pillow. If you have never been on one of these bad boys before, you have probably never been to an Australian caravan park.

One of my favourite photos of Nikki

The great hair fade begins.

Turns out we were right next to quite a pretty little beach. But really we could have pulled off at any town on the way and there would have been a beach looking pretty similar to this. 

Typical tourist snaps in front of the Big Banana.

Trying to sort out my life in the back of a van.

We stopped off at a little town just before Byron for petrol, I found some gems in a hippie shop and we people watched. I would love to tell you the name of this charming little stop over but I can't remember it for the life of me.

And before we knew it, we were safe in Byron and making our way up to another tourist attraction. 

Byron Bay happiness, rain or shine.

Tourist photos and failed jumping photo attempts. I don't really know why we were taking jumping photos, I think I was just too excited to stand still. 

Camping, you're doing it right.

After we had explored Byron and stocked up for the weekend ahead we found a place to park for the night which was literally a 5min walk from the party we were going to that night.

Studio 301 held a little Flume party, which looked like a mini house party with smoke machines which was totally awesome. We ended up arriving just as Flume left which was a shame, but the music was loud, there were pool floaties everywhere, free drinks, and when we got there a girl was vomiting next to the pool and a guy had already jumped in, so you know you're going to have a good time. 

These bad quality photos make us look 100% more drunk then we really were, but we did have such a good night. Ended up chatting with the guys from Rufus by the end of the night.

The night was insane, and the fact that we just had to walk 5min after made everything even better. I didn't actually know what "Rufus" was until after Splendour but they are pretty cool cats and you have most likely heard but they recently dropped their debut album "Atlas" which is pretty amazing. To be honest most of the people I met over the weekend were probably really good musicians but I just don't keep up with music as much as I should so when I say I had no idea who they were, it's not because they are unknown, just that I don't know. That night was such a good warm up for the weekend to come. 



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