There is not enough. I typed a lot more yesterday but blogger decided not to publish it so I will type it again. Basically I have decided that as much as I love the fact that I am not carrying boiling hot heavy plates at work for hours on end, and that my job at GAP is decent as part time jobs go, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot waste another second folding clothing underground on the men floor. I want to see London as much as possible, breath in its every smell, see every sight, feel it and embrace it.
I won't be writing until I leave London which is sooner then was originally expected. No exact dates though because it is a surprise!

I am about 2 months behind in my blogging and I can't stress how sorry I am for this. I know it doesn't really affect anyone but I just feel like such a lousy blogger.
I have been trying to write more in my blog posts lately but it takes longer then you would think.
But just so you are all clear.

I am sadly not in Paris anymore. 

I came home from Paris and got a job at GAP.

Then Georgia and I had an amazing spontaneous weekend in Brighton.

I did a couple more modelling shoots.

We had a stunning BBQ at Georgia's where I met her dad who was only here for a week. 

I went a little more blonde because my hair was in desperate need of a facelift.

I lost weight due to healthy eating and daily exercise which is new for me but I like it.

I went to a Matt Corby gig and ended up spending the whole night with him and his friends.

I finally went to see Matilda on Broadway.

I also finally went to the Harry Potter Studio where my mind was repeatedly blown.

I had another High Tea this time at the Radisson Hotel with Connie and her Friend.

My uncle visited for a day because he has also been away from home working on a movie in Namibia.

And yesterday I moved in with my Best Friend Georgia (finally!)

Honestly though these are just the big things. There is so much more to fill you in on and I promise you I will. But for the time being, I am in London. I am happy. Life is good. I have me some amazing people and seen some amazing things and been to a lot of places. But my adventure will be finishing soon and as much as I love blogging there is so much to do here before I leave.

If any Londoners have any advice on places I should definitely make sure I check out or things I need to do before I leave please comment.

In the mean time if you want to keep updated with what is going on you can follow me on Instagram at "yeswanderlust. Or you can check out my facebook page YesWanderlust.

I am off to finish what has been an amazing adventure in London, with a bang.
(To Be Updated)

With Love from London


  1. Wow. All I can say is wow. I have spent the past 3 or so weeks trawling through every single one of your posts (old blog included.) Can I just say that I am completely addicted to your blog; it is so inspiring to watch you grow up and make all of these amazing life choices - moving to London, travelling - just to name a few. I find all of the experiences you document to be so incredible; you have met so many creative and interesting people. You are the very defintion of youth and living life to it's full potential. You have inspired me to bail on my office job and travel overseas, maybe even move interstate/overseas. You have encouraged me to bring my huge canon with me to house parties just so I can document all of the drunken fun times my friends and I have. You have motivated me to tell stories with my blog, not just post pictures. Thank-you for blogging, Erica. And while I'm sad that I've finally reached the end of your posts, I'm excited for the future ones. Keep up the amazing work, you are (as Carrie Bradshaw would say) FABULOUS!

  2. Just so you know I screenshotted this to my facebook and facebook page because it just made me so happy. It's so crazy to think I could have such an effect on someone. God I am honestly tearing up this has made my day. And don't worry this isn't the end. I am going to continue on starting tomorrow. I just needed a break after getting home to Australia. I will be continuing on from Paris. There are so many more stories.
    Thankyou again.