Rick's Formal // Caringbah High School

I used to really despise formals with a passion due to bad experiences in year 10.
I thought they were just meaningless events involving girls bathed in fake tan and diamonte covered dresses.
But thankfully I was wrong with my two senior formals.
These photos are from Rick's formal.
It was such a good night. I'm so glad he invited me.
Thankyou Rick for showing me that formals are actually really fun.

Yol's car Marge

Prettiest corsage! 

Caringbah pre's 

His friends took a stalker photo of us because we "looked cute"

The hair that Yol and Saya did for me

After Party @ Blackbird cafe

Stayed in hotel that night because I had an interview in St Leonards at 11am. 


Having our business lunch

Dress from Tattoo for $50, Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings from Temt, Shoes from Rubi shoes. Hair done by Yolanda and Saya and make-up done by myself.

Shirt and pants from Factorie. Jewellery from Temt and shoes from Rubi.

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