The best friend pub crawl Bondi 11

For my best friend L's birthday we spent the day together crawling around the swanky to the not so swanky beer caves of Bondi. Some photos are on my film camera, which I will get developed asap.

Pure blonde and a Corona with lime at Hotel bondi

Mango beer and Limonata beer at the Bavarian Bier Cafe

Freshly baked pretzel with butter mmm
Also we are now saving up $31.50 each in order to purchase that incredible breakfast in which you can see on the menu. 

Our little trip into vinnies to get myself a jacket. 
#1 Tip: Always be prepared.
Above is the new jacket I bought. Just a simple denim jacket in which I will be cutting the shoulder panels out of.

This army style jacket looked so great on the rack but it was terrible when I put it on, all scratchy and unbearably loose fitting.

One day I will make jumper that is just as great as this but the shoulder fabric will be leather.

A funky fringed cropped jacket we found

Us being cute and matching best friends for lyfe

Wines at Ravessi's Hotel Bondi 

Manager from the tav came down to say hi.

This wasn't the end of our day it was just the end of my phone batteries life.

Our travels continued down to Cronulla. We somehow got a lift there.
And there we got a couple of frozen margaritas, a chicken enchilada and a pork belly burrito.

Monday was a good day :)

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