The Shabbat

 A little explantion of this strange situation 
This is my religion class, I don't think you understand how much I love them.
They are all so incredible, each in their own way.
Peter's is definitely my favourite teacher at Inaburra.

 They are the strangest bunch of people
Olivia D (olly), Olivia J(oj), James, Mr Peters, Liam Champness, Kelly, Kieran (Jew), Isobella, Wassilla, and yourS truly.

 Oh yeah, we are studying Judaism. So to celebrate our 1st year of studies of religion and to further our education we had a Shabbat at Bella's.
This was such an amazing night.
I have never experienced school like this.

As I said on the night and I will say it again:
"I am thankful Burgo accepted me into Inaburra. Because if he never did I would probably be in menai high right now and there is no way I would have ever met such an amazing group of people like the ones at Inaburra in particularly in this class.

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