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E- For obvious reasons.

Stella- Linked in most minds to the movie "A Streetcar named Desire", where Marlon Brando bellowed "Stella!"
Stella Artois, a Belgian beer
Stella, a gene expressed by primordial germ cells
SS Stella, shipwreck
Stella, the ideal woman in the poetry of Henrik Wergeland, Norwegian poet
Stella Awards, given to people who file ridiculous lawsuits for huge financial gain
Stella Zukowska- ^ + Mum's Polish Maiden name which I want to adopt when im older.

Clocking onto a new blog, my old blog died for some reason apparently I used all my uploads or something. 
Tumblr isn't blogging. Tumblr is just a huge time waster and a big game of who can get the most followers. Im not concerned with followers I just want to blog and vent.

Oh and if you didn't know I have a sqaurethumb, hence the url. I will upload a photo of it sometime, it's nothing to special, just that my thumb has corners and yours doesn't.
I am getting squarethumb on my jersy so I felt it was a suitable blog url.

But don't even bother looking. That is the past me. With past boyfriend included. 
New me is much happier and also a little more stressed thanks to this little thing approaching next year called HSC.

A few little things you should know:

 This is my camera Harlow, its a canon EOS 550d if you were wondering.

 This is my piercing Frankie, don't ask why I name things

 This is my amazing sausage dog Sassie

 One of my addictions, burrito's

 My mice, fat mouse and skinny mouse

 I go to Inaburra and I love it, used to go Dbank

Natural hair colour, brunette, at school at old sitting place

I shop at vinnies a bit to frequently

 This is my number 1, L

 This is Sharkey

 Cameron and Lucy







Just some of the important ones in my life.
Off to study, <3 year 12.
┼ E

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