Nudie Breakfast Juice

"The Chia Company is thrilled to announce the launch of the ‘nudie breakfast juice’ from Australian brand nudie.  The world’s first fresh juice with Chia, this all-natural breakfast juice contains nothing but apple, banana, cinnamon and Australian Grown Chia seeds from The Chia Co.  With a delicious taste, the nudie breakfast juice is naturally thickened by the fibre in Chia seeds and is a source of Fibre and Omega 3.
Chia is the richest combined plant source of Omega 3, fibre and protein, essential nutrition often missing from the modern diet.  Chia has been used as food in South America as early as 3,500 BC, the cultural use was to mix Chia with water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper, a nourishing drink that would fuel the Tarahumara Indian runners all day.  The Chia seed has been revived in Australia by Australian farmer John Foss and The Chia Co are now the world’s largest producer of Chia."

If you guys like boost juice, or smoothies or anything with fruit in it,
I strongly advise you taste this drink
Nudie Breakfast Juice
I had one this morning with a single piece of raisin toast, and I'm already full.
I am slightly addicted. 

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